Google celebrates FIFA World Cup with new Doodle

Published June 12th, 2014 - 01:11 GMT

No more browsing through websites and tracking newspapers, the Google Doodle can keep you updated with FIFA World Cup details. Fans can keep a track of football matches with the informative Doodle which keeps a close track of matches, results, fixtures, and news.

This ingenious Doodle provides information in a very subtle and easy to grasp way. Google had released a Doodle during the 2010 World Cup as well, but it did not provide such comprehensive details. However, it showed the venue of that time, which was in South-Africa.

It opens a page which shows a table with three columns - 'matches', 'groups' and '2nd stage'. In 'matches' column, users can see the upcoming matches with their timings according to their time zone.

'Groups' column shows group standings, along with detailed team statistics of games played, games won, lost, draws, goals for, goals against, goal difference and total points teams have scored.

The '2nd Stage' column will be activated from 28th June, when the teams will enter the second stage of the tournament, and will show the race from 2nd stage to Final.

A Football fan, Ashish Malik said, "The new Doodle is superb and I was actually looking for something like this to keep a close track of the game." He added that "I had to do a lot of research, and go through several websites to get the information which Google now provides with just a click."

This new doodle will definitely make football information handy, and will make the game further more interesting. (ANI)

By Yashank Chopra

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