In Italy, Different Sports Were Competed Between Refugees and Italian People

Published November 27th, 2018 - 05:14 GMT

Different sports competitions were organized between immigrants and Italian citizens in Sicily italy. According to the details various sporting competitions among foreign refugees and Italian citizens were organized in the city of Sicily.

Teachers of CPIA Caltanisstta Sangiusto school and other political members participated in large numbers. Participants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Romania, Nigeria, North and refugees from other countries have worn their own countries cultural dresses.The migrants flagged the flag of their own countries.

On the occasion of arranged event, refugees living in Sicily said that Italy people and Sicily have given so much respect to the refugees and inshAllah settled refugees will always stand with italian people in time of sorrow and happiness.On this occasion,the political leaders of Sicily city expressed happiness for refugees and said that sports is very useful and important for health.

On this occasion, refugees from all countries played their own national game in which they played table tennis, football, cricket and other sports. At the end of the program,Teachers of CPIA Caltanisstta Sangiusto school "Maria Rita Arenci, Vanna Di Mari, Lo Giudice Felice,and Sicily refugee camp director and other camp staff members appreciated the game of refugees and said that foreign immigrants living in Italy highlighted their country's name in the field of sports.

Sicily-based refugees also appreciated the love of Italian citizens and other political and social personalities. After program end, guests and other participants were entertained with good food, political and social figures, guests and other refugees participated in the Sicily program thanked the staff and appreciated the food management.

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