Messi to visit Qatar

Messi to visit Qatar
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Published May 15th, 2013 - 13:13 GMT via

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Messi set to ‘visit’ Qatar
Messi set to ‘visit’ Qatar
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Ooredoo global brand ambassador and football hero Lionel ‘Leo’ Messi is set to make dreams come true for children from around the world, when he visits Qatar to launch a new global initiative later this month.

Ooredoo is committed to enriching people’s lives and stimulating human growth – enabling people to achieve their aspirations and, in particular, supporting youth in achieving their potential.

The company is working with Messi and the Messi Foundation on a number of key projects to make a difference across Ooredoo’s markets.

The first in the series of initiatives will focus upon young people’s welfare and development.

The football star will make a major announcement at a special ceremony with Ooredoo on 20 May, and will also take part in a range of activities in Qatar to promote sport and connect with the community.

As part of Ooredoo’s and Messi’s shared commitment to giving life chances to young people, Messi will host a special football coaching session in Doha, with children from across Ooredoo’s global footprint taking part.

Lionel Messi said: “I’m looking forward to coming to Qatar and partnering with Ooredoo on initiatives to enhance opportunities for youth from around the world. Whether on the football pitch or off it, I’m always glad to make a difference in the community, and bring smiles to children’s faces.”

The children’s delegation will include children from Qatar, as well as young people from Palestine, Indonesia, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Kuwait and the Maldives – all countries in which Ooredoo companies play an active role in promoting life chances for youth.

Part of the delegation will bea young girl from Palestine who won an international writing contest, a young boy from Baghdad, Iraq who overcame the loss of a leg to pursue his dreams,Indonesia’s most famous footballer-actor child, sporting talents from North Africa and other young people from across Ooredoo’s footprintwith inspiring life stories.

Ooredoo is sponsoring the children’s delegation and also working with Qatar local children’s organisations to enable as many young people as possible to take part.

As well as meeting their hero, the children will also have the chance to visit some of Qatar’s most famous destinations, including the Museum of Islamic Art and the Katara Cultural District.

Ooredoo announced Messi as their global brand ambassador in Barcelona in February 2013.

Both Ooredoo and Messi share the belief that all young people should be given the best life chances.

The company and the Leo Messi Foundationare planning to launch a range of initiativesto support social development across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, leveraging the benefits of mobile technology.

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