Mourinho: World Cup will witness Rooney's dominance

Mourinho: World Cup will witness Rooney's dominance
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Published June 10th, 2014 - 15:47 GMT via

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Mourinho: Brazil will be Wayne Rooney's playground
Mourinho: Brazil will be Wayne Rooney's playground

Chelsea boss José Mourinho has stated that Manchester United star Wayne Rooney could dominate the World Cup 2014. Rooney heads into the competition with a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Despite being considered as one of best players in England, Rooney has failed to deliver at the major international tournaments for one reason or the other. The striker heads into the World Cup with many – including his former teammate Paul Scholes – backing him to fail.

Mourinho, though, thinks otherwise and he says that Rooney is at the best stage in his career. Rooney is expected to play in the hole behind the striker – often referred to as his favourite position. Since England face a tough group stage, much will depend on Rooney’s goal scoring abilities. Mourinho is a well-known admirer of Rooney. He said:

“I don’t agree with Scholes. I think Wayne is right when he says this is ‘his’ World Cup, it is the right moment [for him]. He is not a kid any more, he is not an old player at the end of his career, he is in what I call ‘the best age’.

“I think it is his World Cup. I think he has also a role as a leader in the team, a little bit similar that he had at United this season. I think he is ready to cope with this.”

He tried to sign the United striker without success last summer. The Portuguese boss became Yahoo!’s ambassador for the World Cup. Previewing the tournament, he said:

“If England is world champion it is not a surprise for me. If England is knocked out in the group phase, it is not a surprise for me. England is the kind of team where I am always expecting something good, but I am never surprised when things go wrong."

Scholes recently argued that the world may have already seen the best of Rooney. According to the former England midfielder, Rooney has been playing top level football from the age of 16 and he may have past his best.

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