Muhammad Ali's brother reveals boxing legend so ill he can barely speak

Published October 12th, 2014 - 12:48 GMT

American boxing legend Muhammad Ali's brother has revealed that the boxer who was once famous for his lightning speed and even faster tongue is now so ill that he can barely speak.

Ali, who has been battling weakening Parkinson's disease for years, has become increasingly frail and is now largely housebound. And fresh fears for his health were sparked after the legendary heavyweight boxer was too ill to attend the premier of a new movie about his life last week and could not take part in any of the filming.

Speaking at the screening of 'I Am Ali' in Hollywood, his brother Rahman revealed that he has not been able to talk to the boxer about this because he is sick, The Mirror reported.

Rahman said that Ali does not speak too well, but added that he is proud that they are there for him. He said that the American boxer has given this film his blessing.

The film focuses on the family life of the charismatic three-time world heavyweight champ nicknamed the 'Louisville Lip' for his infamous wit.

Using Ali's audio journals it presents an intimate portrait of the sporting icon also using interviews with his family and anecdotes from boxers such as Mike Tyson and George Foreman.

Ali's daughter Maryum was also at the screening. She said that Ali has not seen the film yet, but added that she is very excited for him to see it.

Maryum said that Ali is going to love it, adding that he is going to cry, he is going to laugh, and would be very proud.

'I Am Ali' hits UK cinemas on November 28, the report added.

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