QOC Extends Suspension of All Local Sport Activities Until April 14

Published March 29th, 2020 - 08:13 GMT
Qatar Olympic Committee logo
Qatar Olympic Committee logo

The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) has announced that it has extended the suspension of all local sport activities and events until the 14th April to ensure more safety for all employees of sport organizations and community members against coronavirus (COVID-19).

The QOC’s decision is a complementary move which comes in line with the preventive measures taken by Qatar to limit the spread of coronavirus by banning public gatherings also in accordance with the recommendations of Ministry of Public Health and National Pandemic Preparedness Committee.

Few days ago, the Qatar Olympic Committee has suspended all the sport activities and events until 29th of March and announced that sport activities of all age groups across the country have been suspended until further notice.

QFA extends suspension

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) also announced that based on the circular issued by the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) it has decided to extend the suspension of all of their sports activities and the matches till April 14.

The first postponement period ends on March 29 due to the coronavirus, as the league stopped before round 18 and after the round 17 that concluded on March 7.

QFA decided to officially postpone the QNB Stars League matches for a specified period in consultation with the parties concerned, while all indications are that the league and the current season’s championships will be completed during the next period after reaching its final stages.

The club coaches in the Qatari league have developed special training programs for players during the postponement of competitions, especially after coordination with the Qatar Stars League Foundation and in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Health at a meeting held with the coaches to hear their proposals on training for teams, in light of the conditions of the spread of coronavirus which disrupts many or most of the activities worldwide.

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