Tevez promises to 'respect' coach Conte

Published June 28th, 2013 - 11:58 GMT

New Juventus striker Carlos Tevez has promised that he would 'respect' his coach Antonio Conte and take 'full responsibility' for his actions while playing for the club following his presentation as the side's major off-season acquisition.

Tevez's scoring capabilities were quite often overshadowed by conflicts with his manager and off-pitch problems, during his stint with the English club, with his four-year City career often remembered for a duel with Roberto Mancini following his refusal to go on as a substitute in a Champions League match against Bayern Munich, Sport24 reports.

The report added that the Italian side will pay the striker 5.5 million euros per season along with spending 12 million pounds in the transfer for a three-year deal.

When the former Manchester City winger was asked how he would operate under Conte, who is known as an explosive personality, Tevez replied that there was only one word, which was respect.

Tevez said that playing with champions like Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon is an honour for him, adding that it will be easy on the pitch to play with them.

Tevez, who is expected to pair up with new Juventus transferred and former Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente, said that this decision was best left to Conte and all he could promise was experience and quality.

Tevez further stated that he had left City on good terms after a discussion with their new manager Manuel Pellegrini.

However, Juventus is not affected by the instances of Tevez's past and is hoping that he becomes the centerpiece of their attack, leading them to a first Champions League title since 1996.

Juventus CEO Gieuseppe Marotta said that Tevez was the right mix of humane and professional qualities and it was a matter of pride for them to have him in their side.

The report also said that the Argentine will bear the no.10 shirt that was given to former Juventus player Del Piero before he left the club after 19 seasons for them. (ANI)

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