Two Accused in Muharraq Sports Club Attack Are Acquitted

Published January 14th, 2018 - 02:18 GMT
Muharraq Sports Club logo
Muharraq Sports Club logo

Two men accused of attacking staff and athletes at a popular sports club in Muharraq have been acquitted due to lack of evidence.

The Bahrainis, aged 19 and 20, were arrested when they allegedly entered the grounds of Al Hala Club along with a group of men and attacked assistant coach Abdulnasser Hassan.

Videos of the brawl, which took place on July 27 last year, spread on social media.

The High Criminal Court found the two defendants not guilty of the charges.

However, another 19-year-old defendant, also Bahraini, who was also implicated in the case, was jailed for three months.

Lawyer Faisal Al Jamaan, who was defending all the three defendants, argued in court that the defendants had been assaulted as they were trying to stop a brawl.

“The fight started when one of the men at the club kicked my client (aged 19) out for no apparent reason,” he said.

“He was bullying my client because he is mute.

“My client was very angry, so he went and called his friends to help him.

“He went back to the club to confront his assailant and told his friends to wait outside, which means he was not planning to attack his assailant.

“However, 20 people then approached him inside the club and attacked him, prompting his friends to storm into the club to defend him.

“One of my client’s friends then punched the club assistant coach in the brawl that followed.

“My client’s friend fled into the bathroom until an ambulance took him and my other client to hospital.”

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