UAE Footballer Al-Belushi Accused of Posting Offensive Tweets Against Al-Jazira Club

Published September 13th, 2018 - 04:18 GMT
Abdullah Mousa Al-Belushi the player accused of posting offensive tweets according to Eurosport Arabia (Photo:
Abdullah Mousa Al-Belushi the player accused of posting offensive tweets according to Eurosport Arabia (Photo:

A professional UAE footballer has been accused of posting offensive tweets accusing his football club of forgery.

The Emirati man, who is also playing for the UAE national team, allegedly made the abusive comments on his Twitter account after the management of the Abu Dhabi-based football club reportedly wanted to fine him millions of dirhams for breaching his contract, including missing training sessions.

The Abu Dhabi Misdemeanour Court heard that the football star had posted the abusive tweets against the club in which he falsely accused the management of 'forgery'.

The management of the football club said the messages posted on Twitter were offensive, undermining and damaging the reputation of the club.

In a tweet the footballer said: "You guys know that the management forging the contract is not the proper way. Ronaldo and Messi are not paying 10 million in fines for missing out on training ... Sorry, but I'm taking it to the police to prove its authenticity."

Prosecutors charged the footballer with defamation and violating online law. The Emirati denied the charges against him.

During a hearing on Wednesday, Haaji Al Balushi, the lawyer representing him asked court to make the club present the original contract signed by the club and the footballer, which the player claims to be altered, so that court can establish the truth.


"If the original contract document is found to be intact, with no changes made to it, then my client will be responsible for defaming the club. But if the document is proved to have been altered and have some forgery, then my client is innocent," said the lawyer.

"There is abiding contract between the player and the football club, which regulates the relationship between the two parties and sets out the mutual obligations between them," he added.

The lawyer said that there were some disagreements between the player and the club in implementing some of the terms in the contract - particularly the financial entitlements of the player.

This made the player to miss out some of the training sessions because the two parties had apparently not resolved the problem which also required intervention from the football governing body in the country, the lawyer said.

Al Balushi added that his client was later shocked when the club presented him a different copy of the contract and claiming that he had breached its terms including missing training sessions and others.

According to the lawyer, the contract presented to his client was not the original document the player signed. This was the reason the man came forward to challenge it. The document claims that he violated his contract which in turn revoked his membership of the club. It also stipulates that he must pay Dh10 million.

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