Wimbledon 2015 prize money hits record levels

Wimbledon 2015 prize money hits record levels
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Published April 28th, 2015 - 15:45 GMT via SyndiGate.info

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Novak Djokovic celebrates winning last year's men's singles
Novak Djokovic celebrates winning last year's men's singles

Wimbledon has again raised the bar for grand slam prize money payouts, with the All England Club announcing on Tuesday that it will pay a total equivalent of 40.5 million dollars (26.7 million pounds).

Men's and women's singles champions will hit the jackpot with paydays of 1.88 million pounds (2.85 million dollars), a handy 7-per-cent increase in a country embroiled in an election campaign focusing partly on the poor state of the economy and a lack of growth.

But in a global sport which knows no recession, the money machine just keep churning as the four grand slams continue a prize money arms race.

The Wimbledon figures are sure to throw down a challenge to the rival US Open, which paid out a total of 38 million dollars and awarded singles winners Marin Cilic and Serena Williams 3 million dollars each for their fortnight's efforts last season.

Wimbledon has now climbed back to top the money table with it's 2015 payment schedule. Wimbledon officials are said to have elected to spread their prize money rise around rather than heaping it all on multimillionaire title winners.

First-round losers will walk with 29,000 pounds (44,080 dollars), a rise of 2,000 pounds.

Mixed doubles champion will go over the 100,000-pound (152,000-dollar) mark for the first time and even those who exit in the first round of qualifying will receive a bonanza of 14,500 pounds (22,040 dollars) for their losing efforts.

The Wimbledon prize rise has been dramatic, with the 2015 payout of 26.7 million pounds contrasting with the 14.6 million pounds of just four years ago.

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