May Kassab’s conditions

Published April 11th, 2012 - 11:43 GMT
May Kassab
May Kassab

Egyptian actress May Kassab erupted disputes with director Ashraf Tamer, who is currently directing her new film “Tahet Al Saytara” (Under Control). During filming the scenes of the new movie, May placed a set of conditions that are impossible to be met on part of the production company and the director.


May had demanded a number of modification to the song she was filming in the movie and since the demands were impossible to be me, the director postponed filming it and moved to film a song for Egyptian folk singer Hijazi Mitqal as part of the events of the film.

The film stars May, Izzat Abu Ouf, Ahmad Muneer, Ahmad Azmi, Heidi Karam, Dia Al Meerghani, Sammi Maghawri, Hassan Abd Al Fatah, Egyptian folk singer Hijazi Mitqal and new comer Du’aa Saif Al Din.




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