STC announces free installation promotion for IP-VPN service

Press release
Published July 5th, 2011 - 05:41 GMT

Fulfilling the need of the Kingdom’s business sector for a network that ensures fast, secure and effective communication in their daily transactions, and to help large companies who consider information as a cornerstone of their operations, STC has launched an offer of free installation of the IP-VPN service with speeds of 64 Kbps up to 10 Gbps. The offer lasts for 3 months until the middle of next September.

STC IP-VPN service makes a positive contribution to enhancing the level of productivity and performance, thus increasing profitability. The service uses the IP protocol which ensures fast and easy integrated access between different locations of a customer’s branch network across the kingdom by connections such as WiMax, Fiber and VSAT.  

IP-VPN provides a continuous and highly secure connection for transmission of all types of applications including audio, video, internet and data. The service also enables customers to easily activate a range of applications such as holding audiovisual meetings and attending them without the need to travel.

Other smart applications include the facility to prioritize tasks according to importance, allowing customers to reschedule less important tasks such as internet browsing in order to give time for more important tasks such as voice and video calls. To apply for the IP-VPN service call STC Customer Service Center 909.

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