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April 1, 2014

The old and the new: Abu Dhabi used to only be an agricultural landscape. Today, it represents one of the most economically developed urban locales in the GCC (File Archive)
14:00 GMT
The GCC needs to diversify its economies in order to survive the post-oil era. The UAE economic experience may provide a critical model for the rest of the Gulf region in this regard.
Over 80 percent of unemployed men in Jordan have a secondary education degree (Shutterstock)
12:59 GMT
Unemployment is a familiar anecdote to Jordan's deteriorating economic situation, but can investment in job creation, particularly in the manufacturing sector, mitigate the Kingdom's unemployment woes?
Another Tunisian Entrepreneurship Fair is scheduled to take place in October in Kairouan (Courtesy of Magharebia)
12:44 GMT
Tunisian entrepreneurs face a series of critical challenges including access to funding, information sharing and mentoring.
The largest part of development works are aimed at developing the infrastructure, given the urban expansion witnessed
11:53 GMT
A Dh2.2 billion project has been launched to develop road, infrastructure and park projects in Khalifa City.
Dubai 2020 Urban Master Plan lies the vision for integrated land use with the provision of housing and community facilities for all sectors
08:23 GMT
The core of the Dubai 2020 Urban Master Plan lies the vision for integrated land use with the provision of housing and community facilities for all sectors.
GCC countries reacted in a very positive way towards the challenges of financial crisis and the Arab spring tension by inflating their economies into investments
07:00 GMT
Heavy spending by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries through the economic crisis and the Arab Spring managed to preserve the region’s economic stability.

March 31, 2014

Most UAE students in U.S. universities are studying Business and Engineering (Shutterstock)
12:00 GMT
The United States continues to remain the top destination for Emirati students to pursue their higher education studies.
Indian investments in Saudi Arabia amount to approximately $1.6 billion, but KSA has only invested $228 million in India (Shutterstock)
09:19 GMT
While India-Saudi Arabian trade remains relatively low when compared to KSA's trade with other nations, India may just be the next critical investment frontier-particularly in terms of property sales-for Saudis.
Many banks failed to anticipate that Jordan's Ministry of Finance would shift its borrowing targets from local banks in dinars to foreign sources in dollars (File Archive)
08:06 GMT
Jordan's move to lower interest rate on its dinar will have a negative impact on depositors, but will encourage economic growth and business expansion--something that is much needed in the economically dire conditions of the Kingdom.
Lebanese bankers told The Daily Star that they were prohibited from accepting any financial transaction from members of Hezbollah, which has been labeled as a terrorist group by Washington.The SIC said it had received 301 cases in 2013, 189 of which came from local sources and 112 from foreign sources.
06:56 GMT
The Lebanese financial authorities lifted banking secrecy rules on 17 bank accounts suspected of involvement in money laundering, embezzlement and terrorist funding in 2013.

March 30, 2014

Between 2012 and 2035, natural gas demand is expected to grow by an average 1.9 per cent per year. (Image: RT.com)
14:31 GMT
Demand for natural gas expected to grow by an average 1.9 per cent per year for the next 21 years.
Sales in the residential sector reached KWD 137 million in February, a 32 per cent y/y increase
11:55 GMT
Real estate data for February show sales totaling KWD 266 million, up 22 per cent y/y.
Jordan's King Abdullah wrote the letter to the country's government regarding the 10-year economic development plan this week (File Archive)
11:00 GMT
Jordan's King Abdullah has ordered the government to create a 10-year blueprint for economic development to deal with growing economic woes throughout the Kingdom.
Dubai's property market may also be more riskier for investors than initially projected in 2014 (File Archive/Shutterstock)
08:46 GMT
Dubai residential space is increasing, forcing tenants to explore secondary markets for economical rents.
Three of the 12 stadiums are still not complete, including the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo that is due to host the opening match between Brazil and Croatia on June 12.
04:19 GMT
Brazil will host the World Cup in June and July but it faces a mad rush to get everything ready in time.