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August 3, 2014

Israeli economy minister Naftaniel Bennett meanwhile called on world soccer body FIFA to deprive Qatar, which is home to Hamas leader Khaled Mishal, of its right to host the 2022 World Cup.
18:33 GMT
Qatar is emerging for the second time in a decade as the only Arab state without a peace treaty and diplomatic relations to have invested in Israel
President Rouhani’s government focuses on an efficient channeling of financial resources and export-led growth as the main stimulus of economic growth for the country to emerge out of stagflation.
17:40 GMT
Since taking the office, President Rouhani’s administration was tasked with the mission of battling to contain the rising inflation
It  has been found that the operators of some small manpower firms have sent their families home due to the absence of adequate cash flow to their companies.
16:53 GMT
Many small and medium contracting firms are apparently fighting for survival due to the stiff competition in Qatar’s construction sector.
The Kingdom, holding the world's fifth largest proven reserves of gas, expects domestic demand for natural gas - used mainly for power generation
04:55 GMT
Saudi Arabia's decade long 'Gas Initiative' is unraveling - taking new turns and twists!

July 31, 2014

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has had a huge impact on app consumption in the UAE.
20:22 GMT
In the UAE, the trend is more towards social rather than content. The social segment is controlled by giants like Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram.
The financial services sector all over the world is going through a time of unprecedented change.
16:11 GMT
As a source of insight, its return on investment is unparalleled — and only just beginning to be realised.
There have been no electricity blackouts over the first two days of the Eid holiday
03:55 GMT
As a result of Egyptians heading to the coast to celebrate the holiday, hotels in resort cities have seen occupancies exceed 90 percent.

July 30, 2014

The UAE capital is luring producers with juicy bait – the Abu Dhabi Film Commission offers first international projects a 30 per cent cash-back rebate on productions.
04:55 GMT
Abu Dhabi has been focusing on growing its media industry in the past few years – as part of its diversification away from an oil economy.
Despite finding success in the South American country, Lebanese-Brazilian industrialists interviewed by The Daily Star say doing business in Brazil has its own challenges.
00:35 GMT
It is a story repeated across Brazil, reportedly home to nearly 7 million people of Lebanese descent.

July 28, 2014

Flexible payment methods have facilitated this increase, upholds Zamzam, drawing attention to online payments and door-to-door donor collection facilities.
04:01 GMT
Egyptian charities, it seems, have not escaped the ramifications of the economic crisis triggered by the January 25 Revolution in 2011

July 27, 2014

Many Muslims are concerned that Ramadan's aim to draw worshipers away from indulging in the material world is being eroded.
20:32 GMT
Ramadan, Islam's holiest month, is a boon for retailers in the Middle East, South Asia and beyond. And while some Muslims welcome it as a positive sign, others see it as commercialization of a sacred time of year.
“There is one major resource base in the world which could meet the growth in the global oil demand, which is the Middle East,” he said.
18:24 GMT
While euphoria over the ongoing shale revolution and the energy independence of the Americas continue, yet, there are people - cautioning and asserting - the phenomenon is short-lived and the world would continue to be dependent on the Middle East.
Located in the heart of Swiss Alps, the luxurious resort of Crans-Montana enjoyed the same trend with a remarkable increase of 42.86 percent in overnights produced by travelers from the Gulf
05:31 GMT
Switzerland and its prominent resort destinations continue to witness a steadily increasing influx of GCC travelers
While such schemes are yet to become a reality, the financial consequences of not being adequately resilient are sure to see more enterprises take notice.
05:06 GMT
Despite billions of dollars spent every year, the global economy is still not sufficiently protected against the threat.
Considering its spread across the Syria-Iraq border, its grip over oilfields there and its growing economic activity, the Islamic State will “transform into an economic giant with assets of billions of dollars”, he added.
04:55 GMT
Larger shipments of crude, some of them from Najma, are also sold via smugglers to Turkish traders at vastly discounted prices of around $25 per barrel, they indicated.