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April 8, 2013

Sandy brings the heat to a big crowd in Cairo
09:27 GMT

After rockin' it with Ragheb last month in Dubai, Sandy still shakes up the region with a spring concert in Cairo, Egypt

Babe-watch: Carmen Electra is expected to draw in the men of Dubai
09:00 GMT

The buxom Carmen Electra will bring a touch of old-school Playboy glamor with her voluptuous vibe to a trendy UAE nightclub and no doubt draw in the crowds of bay-watchers to Dubai's shores.

El-Sakia String Orchestra will keep it classy on 16 April (courtesy of their facebook page)
08:40 GMT

For those cool, cultured Cairo folks, El-Sakia String Orchestra conducted by Mohamed Saad Basha will dedicate a concert on Tuesday 16 April to works by Arensky, J.S. Bach and Britten

April 7, 2013

Duraid Lahham's family deny he  will renounce his Syrian citizenship if Assad's regime falls
14:47 GMT

The family of the highly respected Syrian actor, Duraid Lahham, has categorically denied that the star will denounce his citizenship should the Assad regime fall.

Mubarak is the face of 9Os Egypt, among other decades (Image source: Jadaliyya)
13:07 GMT

A multi-media art installation has given Egypt's spectators a visceral visual vortex of VHS and collective media from a decade, evocative of the zeitgeist of the times which is heavy with Mubarak images and memes. The project has turned Townhouse Gallery and Rawabet Space into a time warp, here reviewed.

Bassem is sick of getting asked about Syrian politics.
12:32 GMT

The Syrian actor is all for freedom of speech but says he's sick of celebrities being judged on their politics.

Basel Khayat has the ladies of the region swooning.
12:07 GMT

TV soap fans will be saying 'The Date' as the pair of acting stars get together this Ramadan.

Amal has found herself in hot water after shooting her sexy music vid at a mosque in Morocco.
11:31 GMT

The Lebanese singer manages to insult her legions of Maghreb fans by grinding in the holy site.

Syrian starlet Dima Bayaa slows down from her intense schedule to squelch rumors about her ex Tayam Hassan.
11:13 GMT

Syrian actress Dima Bayaa will be taking part in a new Saudi comedy to be aired during the coming holy month of Ramadan.

Telling twenty young hopefuls their dreams were over was no easy task for the Idol judges.
10:47 GMT

Broken hearts and extended dreams was the theme of Episode Six. Judges completed the arduous taks of narrowing down the final twenty seven.

Melhem Barakat surprised on his birthday by Shatha Hassoun
08:44 GMT

In a small gathering at Tony Saba's studio, Shatha Hassoun gave Melhem Barakat a birthday surprise.

Syrian beauty and starlet Jenny Asper shows she is not anti-American at all. (image courtesy of
06:00 GMT

Syrian actress Jenny Asper’s first baby is an American girl! The actress gave birth in New York and named her first born ‘Sandy’.

Tamer wants his first born to have a U.S. passport. Others hope he'll stay there permanently.
04:00 GMT

A Facebook group called Haters of Tamer Hosny want the Egyptian soinfget to make his US holiday permanent.

April 6, 2013

This week contestants all looked a lot more like stars.
11:25 GMT

The third week of live shows sees a remarkable better looking set of wannabes but no change with the judges' squabbling.

Ahmed Ezz is single and ready to mingle.
08:00 GMT

The region's hottest star says he's still on the market as he hasn't yet found the right woman to settle down with.