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June 26, 2013

Nancy Ajram lovin' on Arab Idol runner-up, Ahmad Jamal
05:41 GMT

Looks like Arab Idol runner-up Ahmad Jamal is soon to join the ranks of Nancy Ajram. The aspiring almost title holder Facebooked the news that the Lebanese songstress is sharing her own business manager, Jiji Lamara, with him.

June 25, 2013

Beloved entertainment icon Bill Cosby (Getty Images/ Stephen Lovekin)
15:50 GMT

Beloved entertainment icon Bill Cosby crosses into topics of child-rearing in the New York Post, suggesting that Christians have a thing or two to learn from Black Muslim parents!

Rola Saad: on the prowl for a man? (Image: Facebook)
15:10 GMT

Rola Saad is single and ready to mingle - and she doesn't mind tapping the older crowd!

Is Mohammad Assaf forgetting his roots? (Getty image)
13:35 GMT

Someone's feelings were hurt when Mohammad Assaf didn't thank or mention them during his Arab Idol journey...

Al Balad Music Festival, which opens on Tuesday at the Odeon in downtown Amman, includes performers from Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Algeria (Photo courtesy of Al Balad Theatre)
13:35 GMT

Roman ruins will resurrect ancient cultural traditions with some of the region's rockin' new artists whose music has a message in Al Balad music festival, starting tonight!

She's back! Soumaya Al Khashab in the spotlight once again
10:45 GMT

Lovely Egyptian starlet Soumaya Al Khashab is back in the spotlight to grace our TV screens and bring beautiful music to our ears.

Kinda Hanna overjoyed at news of being pregnant
09:50 GMT

Young starlet Kinda Hanna has announced that she is a Mum-to-be. We look forward to seeing the little beauty in 9 months time!

Mohammad Assaf from Palestine wins the title of Arab Idol!
09:00 GMT

Looks like everyone in the region has reached Assaf-mania. Some you'd least suspect are honoring this monumental moment of Palestinian pride, even Israelis!

Arab Idol finalist Ahmad Jamal flies home to Egypt along with Angham
08:35 GMT

He may not have achieved the Arab Idol title, but show finalist Ahmad Jamal still arrived in Cairo victorious with hotshot singer Angham at his side.

De La Soul (photo courtesy of Facebook)
06:52 GMT

Uday Jagda is only 22, but he's already hit it up with the big boys of beat boxin' De La Soul and Erykah Badu, now he's got a track on a new Emirate album!

June 24, 2013

Together We Uplift is a four-day film festival organized by the Faculty of Music Education in Zamalek
15:27 GMT

It's four by four at Zamalek: Four international films will be screened at a four-day film festival in Egypt, called Music - Together We Uplift, focusing on the positive role of music on individuals and society.

Ruby as the corrupt nurse who performs unethical acts in “The Thief and the Idiot.”
11:54 GMT

New sexy nurse movie hits Egytians screens, but lead actress Ruby is under fire for her racy role in the film.

Acting auditions (Photo used for illustrative purposes)
09:55 GMT

On the wings of the Arab Idol finale, a Bahrain based search has begun to find an aspiring actor to play the leading character in the film 'Rachel and Talal'.

The miracle of Mohammad Assaf showing in every home.
09:45 GMT

“Arab Idol has offered us more than any politician has,” said Arab Idol finalist, Ahmad. He, Farah, and the winning Mohammad provide hope to others with humble beginnings.

Madonna on her MDNA tour (Photo courtesy of Getty-images/Taylor Hill)
07:00 GMT

In case you ever wondered how 54-year-old popstar Madonna keeps it together all the time, she doesn't! The 'Material Girl' couldn't shop her way through Abu Dhabi to get over the emotional mess she was in during her MDNA tour.