Music Reviews

August 28, 2013

Amr Diab is busy filming music clips and not worrying about his leaked album. (Image: Facebook)
07:58 GMT

Superstar Amr Diab has been busy filming his music videos in Greece this month; not bothered by the leaking of his album or you know, the naked-women-at-his-concert-scandal!

August 27, 2013

Carole Samaha kicks the dust off her feet in the Egyptian desert while filming her new clip. (Image: Facebook)
10:03 GMT

It was no holds barred as Carole Samaha set out to make one pricey music vid for the song "Wahshani Biladi" (I Miss my Country).

Sherine shines on stage (Image: Facebook)
08:36 GMT

According to gossip, Sherine was kicked out of Morocco during her concert at the Voix de Femmes festival, an incident which the Egyptian singer and her technical advisor adamantly deny.

Egyptian singers Mustafa Kamel and Ehab Tawfiq show their support for Egypt by releasing patriotic songs. (Image: Facebook)
08:10 GMT

Egyptian singers are feeling the pain of what their country is going through, and have decided to go all patriotic with their music. National songs are the theme in Egypt right now!

Nesma Abdel-Aziz is to take part with her Marimba band in the Vienna African Arts Festival. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Look out Austria; Egyptian Nesma Abdel-Aziz is to take part with her Marimba band, joined by the popular Tanoura troupe, in the Vienna African Arts Festival.

August 26, 2013

Young at heart Sabah Fakhri held a grand concert in downtown Beirut. (Image: Facebook)
08:27 GMT

Who says you've to retire when you get old? Sabah Fakhri is still rocking the stage for fans in Beirut and the Arab world!

50 Cent will bring his P.I.M.P. self to Turkey! (Image: Facebook)
07:50 GMT

More than likely, it will cost more than half a dollar to attend the first Velevet Villains "Vestival", headlining rappers like 50 Cent and Akon, so you better "Get Rich or Die Tryin" to attend!

Sandance is 'bout to get crunk with Rudimental! (Image: Facebook)
07:37 GMT

We've been 'Waiting All Night' to hear who all will be headlining at November's Sandance show in Dubai, and now the word is out: South African reggae band Rudimental will get everyone's feet jumpin' and hips a shakin'!

August 25, 2013

Spanish singer Julio Iglesias performed live at Amman Citadel
12:28 GMT

The Amman citadel never sounded better with saucy Spanish singer Julio Iglesias live in concert last week.

Dina Hayek was on fire at Morocco's Jewel of Life Festival last week. (Image: Facebook)
12:06 GMT

She's so good they had to call her twice! Lebanese singer Dina Hayek rocked the stage at the Jewel of Life Festival in Morocco for the second time this year.

Singer Joseph Attieh proved just how popular he is this summer. (Image: Facebook)
08:13 GMT

Nothing's more exciting to a singer than proving their popularity in the music world. Lebanese singer Joseph Attieh hit the jackpot with fans in the Arab world this summer!

Sir Elton John sure knows how to please, even in Abu Dhabi (Image: Official Facebook page)
08:03 GMT

"I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues" singer Elton John kept the audience dancing with his spine-tingling music throughout the night of his recent concert in Abu Dhabi at the most expensive hotel ever built, says an attending journalist.

Rapper Weld El 15 is one of the two rappers arrested on Thursday. (Image: Facebook)
07:30 GMT

Two Tunisian rappers, Weld El 15 and Klay BBJ, were taken into custody while performing this weekend by Tunisian security forces.

Elissa singin' her heart out.
05:00 GMT

It's like the groovy days of the '60s and '70s in the U.S. now in Lebanon with artists like Elissa singin' songs of political protest.

August 22, 2013

Mike mixes it up (Image: Facebook)
09:51 GMT

There's always something fun going on in Dubai, thanks to UAE's house music guru and DJ Mr Mr.