‘Made in Qatar’ Oman Edition Offers Mega Investments Ops via 214 Qatari Companies

Published October 21st, 2018 - 06:37 GMT
Qatari business owners are interested in identifying investment opportunities in the industrial sectors of Oman. (Made In Qatar)
Qatari business owners are interested in identifying investment opportunities in the industrial sectors of Oman. (Made In Qatar)

The next edition of ‘Made in Qatar’ slated next month in Oman is expected to offer “mega investment opportunities” in the industrial and production sectors, Qatar Chamber announced on Saturday.

In a meeting by the ‘Made in Qatar’ committee, which reviewed the event’s final preparations and a programme for the ‘Qatari-Omani Economic Forum’ to be held on the sidelines of the exhibition, Qatar Chamber said the exhibition will provide Qatari and Omani businessmen with promising investment opportunities to implement new projects and investments in both countries.

The committee announced that all preparations for the exhibition are going as planned, where most participating companies have completed registration procedures; coordination with the Omani side “is going on smoothly,” it added.

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The exhibition, organised by the Qatar Chamber, in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Industry and the Qatar Development Bank, will be held on a 10,000sq m area with the participation of 214 Qatari industrial companies.

It will also open channels of communication between Qatari companies and their counterparts in Oman, and aims to share experiences with Omani companies in the industrial sectors to introduce Omani society to Qatari products, and to open up new foreign markets for Qatari companies.

Qatar Chamber board member Rashid Nasser al-Kaabi, who is also chairman of the exhibition, said most of the preparations are in the final stages. He said the exhibition “will emerge as the best picture reflecting the ability of Qatari companies and the position of the Sultanate of Oman.”

Al-Kaabi said all the logistics preparations of the exhibition were held at the Amman Centre for Exhibitions and Conferences, in coordination with the Omani side. He thanked all those who supported the exhibition in Oman, including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Oman.

He said Qatar and Oman have strong economic relations and great cooperation between the private sector in both countries, noting that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries has achieved “successive leaps in a short period” and that Oman has been the leading recipient of Qatari exports this year.

Qatari business owners are interested in identifying investment opportunities in the industrial sectors of Oman, he noted.

He said the exhibition and its accompanying activities will serve as a platform for business owners from both countries to discuss investment opportunities available in various sectors with a view to establishing alliances and commercial deals between Qatari companies and their Omani counterparts.

“The exhibition provides a valuable opportunity to introduce the Omani business community to the great development witnessed by the Qatari industry and local products, thus opening up greater scope for enhancing trade exchange between Qatari and Omani companies,” he added.

Qatar Chamber director general Saleh bin Hamad al-Sharqi said the exhibition will be attended by 59 companies representing various industries, 12 companies in the services sector, 21 companies in the furniture and furniture industry, 19 companies in the petrochemical industry, 59 companies in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector, in addition to 44 companies in the food and beverage industries, and 20 family businesses in various fields.

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