10 Biggest GDP Gainers and Losers in 2021

Published September 21st, 2021 - 06:00 GMT
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The COVID19 pandemic has triggered global economic crises for about two years. (Shutterstock: Creativa Images)

It is no secret that the world is still in economic pain due to the COVID19 pandemic, despite considerable improvements when compared to the financial trouble the world suffered a year ago.

Throughout 2020, the world order was deeply disrupted by the outbreak of a respiratory disease that originated in China at the end of 2019. This novel coronavirus is perhaps the greatest event of not only 2020, but the 21st century so far, as it caused a sweeping long-term economic crisis that continues to plague global markets.

As the virus forced millions of people to stay at home for unusually prolonged periods of time, especially during the spring of 2020, travel movement across the world was halted and businesses that could not transform to online-based work suffered irreversible damage.

It was not until the early months of 2021 that the world welcomed the first doses of successful vaccines that slowed down COVID19 infections, lowered the number of victims around the world, and restored hopes in a sooner restoration of economic activities so countries can brace for economic growth again.

In this article, we will shed light on the countries whose gross domestic product indices recorded the worst and best figures between September 2020 and September 2021;

10 Biggest Gainers in GDP

1. Macau +69.50%

2. Guyana +48.70%

3. Peru + 41.90%

4. Azerbaijan +35.51%

5. The United Kingdom +22.20%

6. Turkey +21.70%

7. Ireland +21.60%

8. India +20.10%

9. Spain +19.80%

10. Mexico +19.60%

10 Biggest Losers in GDP

1. Libya -60.30%

2. Venezuela -26.80%

3. Seychelles -24.60%

4. Bolivia -21.68%

5. Lebanon  -20.30%

6. Fiji -19.00%

7. The Bahamas -14.80%

8. Lesotho -13.80%

9. Suriname -13.40%

10. Kuwait -11.20%

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