5 COVID19 Vaccines That You Might Not Have Heard Of

Published December 9th, 2020 - 02:45 GMT
5 COVID19 Vaccines That You Might Not Have Heard Of
Three vaccines developed in the US and the UK have taken over the global conversation. (Shutterstock: Orpheus FX)

Everyone is now waiting for the vaccine. Three major Western pharmaceutical companies announced the success of their vaccines in halting COVID19 infections; promising the world a near end to the year-long health pandemic. The UK has already started rolling out the distribution of vaccines this week. But is that all? Aren't there other vaccines being developed?

While everyone is excited for high-efficacy vaccines announced recently by Pfizer, Moderna, and the Oxford-AstraZeneca, the world continues to live through several concerns that the production of these vaccines might not be enough for all +7 billion human beings at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

This month, the UK has officially approved the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine, which it has already started giving to thousands of people who are at the most dangerous risk of the pandemic, such as healthcare workers and elderly people.

However, many other vaccines are still being developed all around the world, with many being just as promising as the three main ones, that have finished clinical trials successfully, if not more effective.

1. Sputnik V

Last August, Russia was the very first country to announce a successful COVID19 vaccine, despite the vaccine being in the first phase out of three for clinical trials, which led to many medical experts warning against its "premature" results.

So far, the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology insists that its adenovirus-based vaccine has an efficacy rate of at least 91.4%.

The vaccine, that was presented to the UN last week, will be taken in two separate doses and is expected to only cost around $10, which is half of the price of the Pfizer vaccine. By the end of 2021, at least 500 million doses of Sputnik V, which has been tested across Russia, China, India, Brazil, Korea, Hungary, in addition to Egypt, will be available.

The Russian vaccine is also being tested in the UAE, as per the statement of the Abu Dhabi Media Office. 

2. Arcturus Therapeutics

The vaccine developed by this particular American biotech company might be one of the most promising vaccines for the COVID19.

Even though it's a little late than other RNA-based vaccines, this virus is expected to fill so many gaps left by other vaccines developed by western-pharmaceutical developers, and not only in terms of quantity.

Hoping to be approved by the first few months of 2021, the Arcturus Therapeutics vaccine is expected to be a high efficacy rate vaccine that will be deployed in one dose.

One of the most important factors of success for this vaccine, that unlike other RNA-based vaccines, such as Pfizer's and Moderna's ones, it will not need to be stored in special conditions, which is a huge perk that comes in handy when transferring the vaccine across borders. The Arcturus Therapeutics will rather be stored as a freeze-dried powder at room temperature.

3. Sinopharm

This vaccine is being developed by the Chinese state-owned Sinopharm, also known as China National Pharmaceutical Group. Just as the pandemic has generated in China, the vaccine hoped to save lives might also come out of China, as it elicited an antibody response in all 1 million recipients.

Supporting the Sinopharm vaccine, also known as BBIBP-CorV, the United Arab Emirates was the first country to approve using it for individuals with emergency priority last September. According to the UAE Health Ministry, an analysis of on-going clinical trials of the Sinopharm vaccine showed that it has an 86% efficacy rate.

4. Johnson and Johnson

Developed in the US, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is expected to pass all trials and tests next spring, by which about 1 billion doses will be produced. Each dose will cost no more than $10. However, it is still in the testing phase.

5. Sinovac 

Another Chinese vaccine, but developed by a private company this time, the Sinovac vaccine is showing about 97% efficacy rate so far, which reported quick immune responses in 700 people taking part in trials.

So far, Sinovac has been quite careful with the data they are releasing about the vaccine, but the fact that trials are still on-going could suggest that it might be one of the effective vaccines.

Which vaccine do you think will be the winner of the COVID19 race? If you had the choice, will you take a vaccine, and if yes, which one?

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