5 Jobs That Will Disappear by 2033

Published May 5th, 2022 - 10:00 GMT
Jobs That Will Disappear
Technology has already started affecting jobs availability around the world. (Shutterstock: Zastolskiy Victor)

Celebrating rapid technological advancements that are taking place around our world, we have to take a moment and acknowledge the many changes it is bringing us as well, including the way it reshapes the professional world of careers over the years.

Just like we no longer need switchboard or elevator operators, typists, and lamplighters, many of today's jobs are destined to be just as obsolete.

Several of the jobs filled by millions of people around the world in this day and age are approaching their very end, as brand new technologies prepare to automate them, creating new jobs in new industries instead.

Jobs That Will Disappear

Among the jobs that can be outdated for good within 10 years are ones that have been quite essential for decades. However, smart systems and tech innovations have succeeded in ending the need for them, hence jeopardizing the career development of those who do such jobs for a living at the time being.

Jobs That Will Disappear by 2033

1. Cashiers

You may have been noticing a diminishing role for cashiers and orders employees in big grocery stores and restaurant chains as shiny electronic screens are starting to replace humans at checkout desks. 

Jobs That Will Disappear

This is why we expect the job of a cashier to disappear completely by the beginning of the next decade. 

2. Bank Tellers

Similarly, hundreds of thousands of bank tellers and front desk assistants will have to look for other career directions or possibly different focus areas within the banking sector, to avoid being out of a job within 10 years, since more and more banks are introducing automated service machines where almost every banking process can be performed independently, without the need for a human hand. 

3. Telemarketers

The whole world of marketing has seen a massive revolution during the last decade of social media platforms that are increasingly introducing paid advertisement, replacing the need for workers to make phone calls to promote a certain service or product. 

The reliance on digital marketing is only expected to be maximized by the 2030s, ending the need for telemarketers.

4. Secretaries

Only a few days ago, secretaries and administrative assistants were considered multitasking superheroes whose great skills contribute greatly to the success of their business, as they helped senior executives manage their times, set their priorities, catch up with needed communication, and be reminded with their daily tasks.

Yet, today's online management tools can easily encompass all of those skills in one simple software, minimizing secretaries' roles for good. 

5. Postal Service Workers 

Over the past few years, the traditional postman job was remodeled in the form of a delivery person, who is either an employee in a larger shipment business or works independently using a smartphone app.

However, the COVID19 pandemic has shown us that robotic drones and self-driving trucks can soon take over this business, safely delivering items to their owners in no time and without the need for daily exposure to human mail workers.

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