5 Professions for People Who 'Live to Eat'

Published March 3rd, 2019 - 10:20 GMT
5 Professions for People Who 'Live to Eat'. (Shutterstock)
5 Professions for People Who 'Live to Eat'. (Shutterstock)

“Eat to live” is a common saying that highlights food as a life necessity. However, some of us “Live to Eat” and have developed a deep passion for food.

whether for creating recipes using the most unusual ingredient, running a food-related business, designing culinary experiences, or just eating away, these careers are often entrenched in a dazzling love relationship with food.

With over 80% of people having two to three meals a day – as presented in the Bayt.com Infographic: Professionals’ Health and Eating Habits in the Middle East and North Africa – there is no doubt that the average person thinks about what they want to eat quite often. But only those who have a real passion for food would think of it as a career option.

For all the foodies out there who want to make a career out of their passion, Bayt.com is compiling a list of food-centric jobs that you will find on our job site – and more importantly that you’ll love!

1. Chef


The least surprising item on this list, but hey – we cannot NOT include it! Being a chef is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when you ask them about careers in the world of food and culinary arts. Be careful, however, the chef life isn’t always as glamorous as it appears on TV. Or at least in the beginning is isn’t. It requires long hours of standing on your feet, and you need to carve your way to the top. But once you get there, it’s all worth it.

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2. Nutritionist


Some might argue that a nutritionist is a foodie’s worst enemy. On the contrary, seasoned nutritionists are probably the ones who make you fall in love with food that is good for your health! After all, nothing matters if your health isn’t intact.

As a nutritionist, your job requires you to devise food schedules, plans, and recipes to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Part of the job satisfaction comes from helping people improve their life through their food choices and the confidence they acquire from it.

3. Restaurant Manager/Owner


If you’re really passionate about food, chances are you’re also passionate about food experiences. What is served on a menu is one thing that differentiates one restaurant from another, but it isn’t the only thing. The way the food is presented, the ambiance of the place, the way the dish is eaten, and everything else can make a difference. Managing or owning a restaurant involves more than just keeping the food quality top-notch. It also requires you to make sure everything else that surrounds the food is as impeccable, including the satisfaction of the employees!

4. Food Safety Inspector


The importance of this job lies in the quality of the food being served to people. Whether it’s factories or restaurants, when consumers pay money for the product, they are trusting that what you are providing them will not harm or damage their heath and bodies. Of course, there are standards for safety and hygiene that cannot be compromised over, and you as a food safety inspector have the authority to shut down an entire place due to any malpractices.

5. Agricultural Engineer/ Specialist


Where do all natural ingredients come from? Mother Earth, of course! Working as an agricultural engineer, supervisor, or farmer provides you with the opportunity to witness the process of raw ingredients coming to life. This is the most essential step in the food creation process. Without people planting and harvesting, many ingredients won’t exist, and food disappears along with it. So those who love natural food and its evolution would definitely enjoy this career path.

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