6 Best Jobs in Terms of Pay and Demand

Published October 19th, 2021 - 07:00 GMT
6 Best Jobs in Terms of Pay and Demand
The ILO reports that the employment growth will need at least until 2023 for the world to start recovering from the employment losses that the pandemic has caused. (Shutterstock)

With almost two years of living with a pandemic looming over all of us, the world has witnessed significant changes in the way we work, study and live. While some industries were completely devastated by it, others were blooming because of it. And in order to accommodate the new ways of working thrown our way, the job market needs were completely transformed. 

The ILO reports that the employment growth will need at least until 2023 for the world to start recovering from the employment losses that the pandemic has caused. However, on the flip side, this shift in what the market needs has also brought a growing demand for some jobs, and the most exciting part is that these jobs are not only high in demand, but also high in pay! 

So if you are thinking of changing your career to align with what the market needs, or you are simply looking for a safer job with a bigger paycheck, here are 6 jobs which will continue to soar in demand: 

1. Nurse practitioners ($117,670)

nurse practitioner jobs

Many of us are guilty of taking our health for granted, and the pandemic has given us all the reality check we need. As more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of taking care of their health, the demand for nurse practitioners (NP) is also rapidly growing. Between 2020 and 2030, an increase of around 45% in the demand for NPs will occur.  

2. Information security analysts ($103,590)

Information security analysts jobs

With technology occupying almost every aspect of our lives, the threats and frequency of cyberattacks are also on the rise. Therefore, companies are opting to hire information security analysts who can prevent these attacks and protect their data and businesses. With a growth of about 33% in the coming 10 years, data security will become a crucial skill for most technology related jobs. 

3. Statisticians ($93,290)

Statisticians jobs

Data is the fuel behind the use of new and advanced technologies, and as the world continues to move toward digital transformation more by the second, there will always be a need for statisticians. With a growth of about 33% in the next 10 years, around 5,200 jobs will be available for statisticians. 

4. Wind turbine service technician ($56,230)

Wind turbine service technician jobs

Our environment is suffering because of the negligence the world has shown towards it in previous decades. However, with more people aware now than ever before about climate change and protecting the earth, the wind turbine industry is gaining momentum. And with that comes the need for more wind turbine service technicians. In fact, it is estimated that there will be a 68% increase in the demand for wind turbine technicians between 2020 and 2030. This growth rate is said to be much faster than the average of all occupations combined! 

5. Physical therapist assistants ($49,970)

Physical therapist assistants jobs

The increase in chronic diseases worldwide has been fueling the need for more physical therapist assistants. In fact, physical therapy can be a great way to help relieve the pain associated with chronic disease and help manage its effects. There will be an increase of about 32% from 2020 until 2030 in the demand for physical therapist assistants. 

6. Solar photovoltaic installers ($46,470)

Solar photovoltaic installers jobs

Just like with wind turbines, many are now becoming aware of the downside of the traditional ways we consume energy. As a result, more are installing solar products, and thus the need for solar photovoltaic installers is increasing. Second place to wind turbine technicians, the demand for solar photovoltaic installers is said to grow at around 52% between 2020 and 2030. 

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