8 Companies Who Hire People on the Autism Spectrum

Published April 2nd, 2022 - 08:00 GMT
8 Companies Who Hire People on the Autism Spectrum

The world has seen significant strides when it comes to workplace diversity and inclusion in the past decade. However, it is reported that people with autism still struggle with unemployment worldwide. Which comes to show how pivotal it is to raise awareness on companies that hire people on the autism spectrum and even push for more inclusion and programs to support those with autism. 

With April 2nd being World Autism Awareness Day, here are 8 companies who are hiring people on the autism spectrum: 

1. Google 

One of the leading tech giants has announced in 2021 that they will be introducing the Google Cloud’s Autism Career Program, which aims to further complement their existing autistic community. As part of their program and work with the Stanford Neurodiversity Project, Google aims to provide their workforce with the necessary skills and insights to better understand how to work effectively with autistic candidates. 

2. Microsoft

As part of Microsoft’s inclusive hiring journey as they call it, they have started the Autism Hiring Program to help recruiters and managers develop strategies that support inclusion and diversity. 

3. SAP

First launched in 2013, SAP’s Autism at Work Program aims to help people with autism find the right job that supports and further grows their talents. From the hiring process to onboarding, this program works on making the process as efficient, smooth and empathetic for autistic candidates as possible. 

4. Ernst & Young (EY)

Accounting firm mogul EY believes that neurodiversity can help drive innovation. First launched in 2016, the Building a Neurodiversity Center of Excellence created a strategic plan to access and support autistic candidates when applying for jobs at EY.

5. Salesforce

Considered to be the “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion”, Salesforce has a range of initiatives that provide support for different vulnerable groups. Its Abilityforce, which focuses on ability inclusion, focuses on improving the skills of managers and finding ways to hire disability talent.

6. IBM 

When IBM first teamed up with the Specialisterne Foundation, which works with companies to help them hire more autistic candidates, it hired Dyllan Rafail, an IBM test specialist with extraordinary coding talent. 

One of the main drivers behind hiring people on the autism spectrum was Paul Austin, who also introduced the “Autism as a Skill” Business Resource Group (BRG) to provide IBMers with the resources they need to work with autistic people.  

“People are starting to come out more as autistic, and this group provides a resource both for those on the spectrum and for those who work with them.” - Paul Austin 

7. Dell

Through its Dell Autism Hiring Program, Dell intends to empower people to tap into their potential regardless of their disability. Not only that, but the program also focuses on re-adjusting the hiring process to fit everyone’s ability to showcase their capabilities. 

8. VMWare

With its Neurodiversity Inclusion Program targeting people with autism, VMWare believes that there is so much power in human differences. It aims to leverage the different talents it can find with a wider pool of candidates. The program also serves as a way to train recruiters and candidates to be part of a more inclusive and diverse environment. 

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