8 Tips to Help You Travel on a Budget this Summer

Published May 1st, 2022 - 05:00 GMT
8 Tips to Help You Travel on a Budget this Summer
Traveling is fun, we can all agree on that. However, traveling tastes even better when you know you are using your money smartly while also having fun! (shutterstock)

If you are looking to make the best out of this summer and have a budget-friendly travel, then you are at the right place! Because let us be honest, nothing beats being able to travel without having to spend all your savings.

So if you are planning to do some fun traveling this summer, here are 8 tips that can you travel on a budget: 

1. Plan your trip 

Not all of us have the luxury of traveling spontaneously, and if you plan on traveling on a budget, then last minute plans are not for you.

You do not have to have a detailed day by day plan for your trip, but at least make sure you decide on the cities you want to visit, type of transportation, accommodation and duration of your travel ahead of time. 

An integral part of planning also involves setting a budget, and actually sticking to it. When you set a budget, you will also be setting your expectations and knowing what your options are. 

2. Travel off-season

It can be tempting to want to go to the top spots during the summer season, however, sometimes the smart thing to do is opt for destinations that aren’t that popular during summer. While you might not be able to guarantee the best weather, you will at least have saved money and visited a new city without the hassle of having it full of tourists! 

3. Pack well and lightly 

You know what the famous saying on most packing lists says, “Take half as many clothes and twice as much money”. 

And I honestly couldn’t agree more! Not only will packing lightly make it easier for you to travel around, but it will also mean you will avoid having to pay fees for any extra weight. 

In addition to packing lightly, it is crucial that you do not forget any of your essential items. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money on something you already have! 

4. Book early and smartly

Yes, last minute deals can be like winning a lottery ticket, but how many of us have really gotten a good last minute deal? 

To stay on the safe (and budget friendly) side of things, make sure you book in advance and compare accommodation and transportation prices. Sometimes, booking a couple of months ahead of time will help you land a great deal. 

But booking early is not the only trick you can have up your sleeve, because deciding on which day to travel can also help you save up some money! Booking flights on weekends is always guaranteed to be more expensive, and that is why try to find flights on weekdays instead. 

5. Take advantage of free things

One of the best ways to have fun without spending money is asking our friend, Google, about things that can be done for free in certain countries. Googling free activities, site seeing or adventures is a great way to have fun and save money! 

6. Consider cheaper accommodation and transportation

Depending on the kind of trip you have in mind, sometimes going for hostels or even CouchSurfing can help you save up some money while also meeting new people! 

Not only that, but if you are traveling to a country with good and affordable public transportation, why not try it out? And if public transportation is not an option, then opt to walk around instead. There is no better way to discover a new city than to walk around! 

7. Make locals your guides

No travel agency knows the ins and outs of any city like its locals, and let us be honest, locals do not want to pay touristic prices for food and drinks. Therefore, by getting acquainted with the locals and asking them for recommendations, chances are they will recommend places that are relatively cheaper than touristic ones. 

8. Wear your bargaining hat! 

We all know that tourists always end up being charged more than locals for the exact same item. That is why whenever you want to buy something, make sure to put on your bargaining hat and negotiate to get a discount. 

Traveling is fun, we can all agree on that. However, traveling tastes even better when you know you are using your money smartly while also having fun!

Make sure to consider the steps we shared when planning your next summer trip, and let us know what other tips you have in mind for traveling on a budget! 

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