8 Traits To Look For in Candidates for Remote Positions

Published June 10th, 2021 - 02:00 GMT
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The post-covid reality has seen a fairly normalised concept for working from home. (Shutterstock: Sharomka)

For how long have you worked from home since the beginning of 2020? If you're one of the lucky people who have not lost their jobs to the pandemic, you're probably busy counting months or weeks now. This is how COVID-19 has changed the professional world over the last year and a half, working remotely has become more than normal.

While many businesses have returned to physical offices after all employees have received their vaccines, numerous businesses around the world have chosen to keep remote work as either the norm or at least an option for their workers.

This new reality has altered many businesses to the great opportunity they can seize now; to hunt for the best talents regardless of geographical limitations. This is why we can safely expect to see lots of remote job vacancies from now on.

However, the long working from home experience imposed by the pandemic has also shown employers a number of disadvantages that they need to be aware of, as they start hiring for permanently remote positions. 

In this article, we will explore a number of qualities that need to be in the candidates most likely to win remote positions:

1. Independence

People who can be effective workers from home need to be in full control of their lives. Whether we are talking about the physical space they will be working from most of the time, or in terms of the time, they can devote to work.

It is important that individuals who wish to work anywhere but the office be able to commit to their workload and never justify any shortcomings by the fact that they are not working from the office.

They also need to be ones who do not need constant reminders to finish tasks. Rather, an ideal worker from home has to be self-motivated and responsible for the outcomes they present.

2. Spot on time management skills

One of the perks of working from an office is having a fixed time schedule that prevents any procrastination. This means that a person who is applying for a remote position should be able to manage their time matching the tasks they are responsible for on a daily basis.

A remote worker might not have to show up at 9 and leave at 5, but they need to be available during working hours as if they are in the office. They should also deliver the results of the assigned tasks on time, which means that they should be at the top of their time management game.

3. Superb organizational skills

Similar to time management skills, getting so much done in limited time with minimum supervision will require a well-structured routine aided by as many technological tools that can help individuals finish up their tasks, let it be reminders, notes, or outlines. 

4. Tech-savvy

The previous quality has led me here. How is anyone expected to work from home without being exceptionally good at technology? 

These employees have to be up-to-date with the latest programs and skills that can help them finish as many tasks in the shortest time possible. 

Not to mention the technological tools they will be using to stay in touch wither their supervisors and coworkers.

5. Great communicators

Even though this employee will not show up at the office on a regular basis, they are still going to be part of their teams and will mostly be required to work within a group framework.

This means that the ideal candidate should be able to write clear and concise emails, in addition to being always available for phone or video calls.

6. Quick problem solving

When you're at your office, you often redirect any issues that arise to your line manager or the individuals who can help you get back to work as soon as you can. This is not always the case when working from home. 

Say someone's internet connection was out unexpectedly at 1:30 PM. Should they just call it a day and think about the solution after a long break? An ideal scenario will require them to act fast to both inform their coworkers of the issue, before having a quick plan B to either get the internet connection back by calling the service provider or figure out a way to get the job done from a nearby coffee house?

7. Strong span of attention

People who can easily be distracted can't be heavily relied on when it comes to working from homes, especially if they live with other people, be it, family or friends. The ideal candidate should be tested to make sure that they can stay focused on one mission for as long as possible.

8. Adaptability

While working from the office can get boring after a few years, due to daily routine that witnesses very little changes, working from home can prove to be one of the most changing environments a person can experience in their professional life.

This can be particularly important for people who do not live alone. Hence, individuals who can achieve the most success working from home are the ones who can easily adapt to changes in their lives and prove to maintain the same performance, if not better, regardless of conditions they face.

What is your favorite option when it comes to working location? Would you consider remote jobs in the future?

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