5 Lessons Taught in the "Working from Home" Era

Published January 6th, 2021 - 04:00 GMT
5 Lessons Taught in the "Working from Home" Era
What about you, what are some useful lessons you have learned while working from home? (Shutterstock)

The pandemic has changed the world of work as we know it. With most countries implementing lockdowns, businesses had no choice but to turn to working from home. This rapid shift in the way work is done has left a tremendous impact on employees. But just like with everything in life, working from home has also taught us some valuable lessons. Here are 5 lessons that we learnt from the “working from home” era:

  1. The importance of connecting 

As the businesses started to adapt to an online-model, many employees faced challenges when communicating with one another. Not being able to see work colleagues has placed a toll on work relationships. The daily coffee breaks and office banter that brought employees together were no longer accessible. If anything this shows the importance of connecting with one another and building healthy relationships at work. Opting for weekly meetings and emphasizing the importance of clear and coherent communication is key, especially during difficult times. 

  1. Self-reliance

While communicating with others posed as a challenge for some, others took it as an opportunity to grow and become more self-reliant. With the nature of home-office, employees were able to look for resources and come up with solutions on their own. This helps employees have a higher sense of independence and thus improves the overall business process. 

  1. Work-life balance

When working from home, the line between work and life can be blurred. As a result some employees might be at risk of a burnout. And this is precisely why it is imperative to set healthy boundaries between our work and personal life. Once employees do that, they will be able to mentally separate between the two and as a result become more productive and motivated. 

  1. Meetings can be emails

There is no denying that in-person meetings are important, however, that is not always the case. The time spent working from home has taught many that many in-person meetings could easily be substituted with virtual meetings or even emails! Working from home has personally opened my eyes to how much time and effort can be saved when we opt for Zoom meetings instead of commuting between offices. Home office has allowed managers to manage meetings more efficiently and thus realize when a discussion can easily be handled through an email rather than a meeting. This level of awareness will make for a better and more effective form of leadership.

  1. The importance of mental wellbeing at work

Working from home has allowed many to integrate small mental wellbeing habits into their day. Whether it is making a quick delicious meal or taking a 5-minute break to meditate, working from home has given employees the chance to adopt practices that might be essential to their mental health. Building one’s mental health allows for higher productivity and an overall better level of performance. And that is why it is necessary for employees to be able to bring these practices into their conventional offices.

What about you, what are some useful lessons you have learned while working from home? 

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