Best of CES 2020: Robots of the Future Are Finally Here and They Come in Peace

Published January 9th, 2020 - 10:04 GMT
CES 2020: Robots Are Finally Arriving From The Future Promising an Easier Life
CES is regarded as the world's largest gathering event that attracts technology professionals and consumers alike. (AFP)

With colorful 3D displays and revolutionary gadgets, the tech industry has launched the 2020 Consumer Technology Show, CES for short, in Las Vegas.

As CES is regarded the world's largest event for technology professionals and consumers alike, many exhibitors take the chance to launch their latest and most cutting-edge smart inventions.

Remarkably, robots have been a major theme in CES 2020, with many products focusing on helping people lead easier lives an simplifying daily chores. 

We take a look at the six of the most innovative robotics and gadgets revealed during CES 2020.

1. Selfie Type - Samsung

Samsung has introduced a number of groundbreaking products; Selfie Type is just one of them. Selfie Type is the more advanced version of virtual and laser keyboards that hadn't been very practical in the past. Thanks to a proprietary AI engine, users don't need any accessories to have an easier typing experience via their mobile devices. Users need only to place their phones as if on display and the front camera detects finger motion while users type on the table in front of them. This device could come in handy for students, journalists, and writers.  

2. CLOi Smart Kitchen Bot - LG


LG’s CLOi bot brews proper pourovers! I’m GEEKIN #coffee #pourover #CES

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On its CLOi table in a mock restaurant setting, LG presented an impressive robot with multiple arms that can prepare and serve coffee, wash the dishes, in addition to a bot chef that can prepare meals. 

3. Pizza Maker - Picnic

Food-obsessed Picnic's team displayed a pizza maker that can prepare up to 300 pizzas an hour, which can be of great value to pizza restaurants, especially since it can whip up the beloved dish using all sorts of toppings.

4. Smart Wheelchair - Dimitris and Marios-Ermis Petrotos

People with disabilities are now able to enjoy more freedom using the smart wheelchair invented by Dimitris and Marios-Ermis Petrotos. The chair helps users stand up and sit down easily. It also helps them reach objects placed out of reach.  

5. The Ovis suitcase - ForwardX Robotics

Isn't it exhausting lugging your carry on through huge airports, especially when you have to stop multiple times to hand in your passport to officers? ForwardX Robotics is bringing the world a suitcase packed with multiple sensors that enable it to follow its owner across airports and train stations. The Ovis suitcase is also equipped with a GPS tracking module that helps owners find their luggage in case they misplace it. 

6. Electric Car Taxi - Uber, Bell, Embraer, and Hyundai

Uber's latest technology in cooperation with Hyundai is taking commuting to the next level, combining the famous car-hailing app with aviation, providing a flying taxi service that goes beyond conventions. According to Hyundai's spokesperson, the first prototype of the flying taxi will be ready by 2023 in partnership with helicopter manufacturers' Bell and Embraer.

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