Best Smartphone in 2021? Look No Further

Published November 23rd, 2021 - 08:30 GMT
Best Smartphone in 2021
Many companies compete for the best smartphone in 2021 title. (Shutterstock)

What device do you use the most every single day of your life? If you are living with us in 2021, your answer will probably be; your smartphone. This means that you are probably interested to know which of all the devices uncovered this year is the best smartphone in 2021.

Our smartphones are no longer portable phones that we use to make a few calls or exchange a few urgent texts. Smartphones, which have been introduced to our world a little over a decade are our gates to the whole world, thanks to the internet and the many applications and features added to these palm-sized machines we can not live without.

Best Smartphone in 2021

Not only is this piece of information helpful for cellphone enthusiasts who like to be up-to-date with every new technological feature added to smartphones. It can also come in handy to help people who are struggling with bugged devices and are looking for an upgrade.

In this article, we will explore a number of devices that all qualify to be the best smartphone in 2021, in no particular order.

Best smartphone in 2021

1. Samsung Galaxy S21

Best Smartphone in 2021

Introducing three different phones within this series, Samsung equipped the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with the 5G technology. The device operates with Android 11 and is available with two storage options; 128GB/256GB.

The battery is around 4000mAh, 8 GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the best smartphones in 2021, thanks to the three amazing rear cameras (12 MP, 64 MP, and 12 MP ultrawide lenses), in addition to one selfie camera (10 MP).

The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes in four colors: Phantom Gray, Phantom White, Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink.

2. Google Pixel 6

Best Smartphone in 2021

Coming in Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro models, Google has actually rocked this device bringing a strong flagship device with a battery life of 4614 mAh, 8GB RAM, 128GB/256GB storage options. 

Google Pixel 6 operates Android 12 and has two main cameras (50 MP and 12 MP) in addition to a selfie camera of 8 MP. The Google Pixel 6 can be the smartphone with the best camera 2021.

The Google Pixel 6 comes in three colors: Sorta Seafoam, Kinda Coral, Stormy Black.

3. Sony Xperia Pro

Best Smartphone in 2021

Another candidate for the best smartphone in 2021 title is this not-so-popular Sony device. 

The Sony Xperia Pro has a battery life of 4000mAh, has a strong 12GB RAM, in addition to a 512GB storage option.

The device operates Android 10 and three main 12 MP cameras (Wide, Telephoto, Ultrawide) and one 0.3MP depth lense. There is also one selfie camera of 8 MP. This affordable device can be the best mid-range smartphone 2021.

The Sony Xperia Pro comes in only the Black color.

4. Huawei P30 Pro

Best Smartphone in 2021

It is no secret that the Chinese manufacturer Huawei is still able to offer great quality phones despite the different controversies with its rivals and other world powers.

Huawei P30 Pro is the best Chinese smartphone 2021 and it fits perfectly on the best smartphone in 2021 list, thanks to its 4200mAh battery capacity, two RAM options (6 and 8 GB), in addition to it operating one of three OS: Android 9.0, up to Android 10, or EMUI 10.

This device comes in three storage options: 128GB/256GB/512GB and has four main cameras (40 MP, 20 MP, 8MP, and TOF 3D depth one), besides one 32 MP front camera for selfies.

The Huawei P30 Pro comes in seven different color options; Aurora, Amber Sunrise, Breathing Crystal, Black, Pearl White, Misty Lavender, Mystic Blue.

5. Apple iPhone 13

Best Smartphone in 2021

Apple is still mastering its game as a leading creator of tech devices. In 2021, Apple offered us four different versions of its iPhone 13 (iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 mini). The iPhone continues to be amongst the best selling smartphone 2021.

Brought to users with a 3240mAh battery, the iPhone 13 has 4GB RAM, and three storage options (128GB/256GB/512GB). The device operates either iOS 15 or iOS 15.1 and has three 12 MP cameras, including the selfie one. (The iPhone 13 Pro Max has four rear cameras).

The iPhone 13 comes in one of four colors: Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue.

Best Smartphone 2021 Under 200 Dollars 

In this part of the article, we are going to highlight a number of devices that are amongst the best smartphones of 2021 for people on a strict budget, including best smartphones under 200 dollars.

1. Samsung Galaxy A12

Best Smartphone in 2021

For our first choice for best smartphones 2021 under 200 dollars, we are picking this Samsung Galaxy A12, which has a massive battery life of 5000mAh, with RAM options ranging between 2-6GB RAM.

The device which was released in December 2020 runs Android 10 and can be upgraded to Android 11.

Samsung Galaxy A12 has four rear cameras; 48 MP, 5 MP, 2 MP, in addition to 2 MP (depth). It also has one selfie camera with 8 MP.

2. Nokia G10

Best Smartphone in 2021

This Nokia device has a battery of 5050mAh, uses a 4GB RAM and operates Android 11.

Camera wise, it has three main cameras 13 MP, AF 2 MP, and 2 MP, in addition to one single seflie camera of 8 MP, making it one of the best smartphones 2021 under 200 dollars.

3. Huawei P20 Lite

Best Smartphone in 2021

The Huawei P20 Lite has a battery of  3000mAh, 4GB RAM, and operates Android 8 which can be upgraded to Android 9.

It has two main cameras of 16 MP and 2 MP. In addition to two selfie cameras 16 MP and 24 MP.

4. Oppo A16s

Best Smartphone in 2021

Oppo's best phone under 200 dollars has a 5000mAh battery, a 3/4GB RAM, and operates Android 11. 

The device has three main cameras of 13 MP, 2 MP (macro), 2 MP (wide), in addition to a 8 MP selfie camera.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S

Best Smartphone in 2021

Our last pick for the best budget smartphone is the one with 5000mAh, 4-8GB RAM, that operates Android 11. 

It has four main cameras of 64 MP, 8 MP, 2 MP, 2 MP, in addition to one selfie camera of 13 MP.

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