Ditch the dithering: How to avoid procrastination on the job

Published May 9th, 2016 - 08:30 GMT
Keep in mind that it isn't that other people aren’t interrupting you; you are interrupting yourself. (Shutterstock)
Keep in mind that it isn't that other people aren’t interrupting you; you are interrupting yourself. (Shutterstock)

You have too many deadlines looming but are still squandering away your time doing irrelevant things! Sounds familiar? We all procrastinate; we tend to put off urgent tasks and matters most of the time. And then, when it’s time to deliver we start running around not even knowing where to start!

If you’re a chronic procrastinator, you know the pain and stress that comes with putting things off. Although you may have the desire to accomplish something, getting the motivation to do it is a different matter.

Don’t let procrastination take over your life. We at Bayt.com are here to help. Below are 12 tips to help you stop procrastinating.

1. Break your work into little steps

Overwhelming yourself with many large tasks and urgent deadlines won’t do you any good. Break down your tasks into smaller ones, prepare a list and start ticking things off. This won’t only help you get rid of the stress generated by huge task, but each tick; you’ll feel more accomplished!


2. Enhance your Time-Management Skills

Time management is key to overcoming procrastination. Having one deadline for all your tasks is basically an invite to procrastinate! Make a schedule of what should be done, estimate the time needed to finish each task and work hard to stick to the deadlines. Here is how you can improve your time-management skills.


3. Find a Source of Inspiration

The people we spend most of our time with affect us and influence our behavior. Identify the people, friends or colleagues you feel would trigger you. Look for the go-getters and the hard workers, then start hanging out with them. Soon you’ll be influenced by their drive and spirit too. Can’t find anyone around you? It might be a good idea to expand your circle by using social media platforms and connecting to those who inspire you from afar. Bayt.com’s Specialties might be a good place to start!


4. Start with the tough tasks

I know that starting with the tough tasks or the tasks you dislike the most doesn’t sound like a good plan now, but do you really want to do them when you’re too tired and looking forward to go home? Well, I know I don’t. My advice to you is to keep the light tasks and the things you love doing the most to be done at the end of the day. You won’t only get things done, but at the end of the day you will be looking forward to doing the light and likable tasks.


5. Stay focused

If you get pulled away from tasks by every ding, whistle, and ring on your digital devices, well, you’re like most of us! But keep in mind that other people aren’t interrupting you; you are interrupting yourself. The way to break free from technology is, ironically, to employ it; there are a number of applications you can download to block electronic distractions and help you focus.Here is a list of application that will help in improving your productivity at work.


6. Healthy diets

You’re wondering how that fits in here? Well, your energy levels differ according to the diet you follow. Following a  healthy diet can help you boost your productivity at work and give you the energy needed to face your day head-on.


7. Plan a un-procrastination day

Gather the most neglected tasks and head off on an odyssey of productivity, vowing not to return home until your long ignored to-dos are. You can even tell a buddy of yours to help you get things done by grilling you and constantly asking you about your accomplishments!


8. Don’t Underestimate Yourself.

Never say “I can’t do it”. If you set your mind into achieving something, you will find your the power and reach all your goals. Believe in yourself, in your talents and you will end up surprising yourself.


9. Come up with consequences

You can’t convince yourself to get things done? It’s time to get harder on yourself. For each deadline, come up with a consequence that will deter you from avoiding the task, it can be anything, from no going out for the day, or even no chocolate for a week! I dare you to miss the deadline now!


10. Challenge time

Race the clock! You can’t bring yourself to start on a task? Set a timer of 10 minutes and start working frantically for these 10 minutes on that task. Measure how much you get done, and you never know, you may even start feeling engrossed and end up working even more!  Once a sense of satisfaction replaces the dread you felt before, there’s a decent chance you’ll continue.


11. Restart your day at 2PM

What’s more irritating than witnessing your morning fly by without having dealt with your to-do list? Watching your afternoon roll right along with it! Combat this by implementing a reboot. At 2 p.m. every day, assess how much you’ve accomplished, remind yourself of what’s critical, and alter your plan so you can tackle the most important thing.


12. Reward Yourself

We already talked about the list of tasks you need to prepare. Once you finish a huge task, you have to reward yourself. Do something that makes you happy; go for a walk, buy yourself a delicious meal, buy yourself flowers or chocolates. Whatever it is you finish, remember to celebrate your achievements.


By Ghady El Hajj

This article originally appeared in Bayt.com.

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