Does the iPhone 7 live up to the hype?

Published September 27th, 2016 - 08:57 GMT
The insides of the iPhone have undergone a complete overhaul and now it contains what they call an A10 Fusion chip. (YouTube)
The insides of the iPhone have undergone a complete overhaul and now it contains what they call an A10 Fusion chip. (YouTube)

With such a cult product it is difficult to know where to begin with a review. The world is always bowled over with every launch of an Apple device to the point where queues form outside the world's stores days before the unveiling. Just last week, hundreds of dedicated iPhone enthusiasts lined up outside the Mall of the Emirates shop (see pics below) in order to get their hands on a new 7 or 7 Plus.

So, now a few days have gone by, what do we think of the iPhone 7 handset? Is it worth upgrading? Overall, it is difficult to not be impressed. Whilst not looking a million miles different from the last incarnation, the software and hardware evolutions in elements including the camera, display and making the phone water resistant have taken a quantum leap forward. Here's a closer look.


One of the biggest changes with this iPhone is it is water-resistant. Apple says this is different from waterproof, but we can't see what sets them apart. You can spill water over it, run it under the tap, dunk it in a glass of water and there have even been instances of people throwing them in fish tanks (though, we're not that brave).



While the iPhone7 Plus possesses the dual camera grabbing all the attention, the iPhone 7 also has a lot to say for itself. True with a dual camera you're able to utilise a wonderful 2x optical zoom and even blur backgrounds to create a bokah effect in your photos, which for some keen Instagrammers would be worth the purchase price alone. However, the iPhone 7 does contain a 12 megapixel lens, which can also take some beautiful shots particularly when you take into account what Apple have done to it. Increasing the aperture to f/1.8 means the lens will now let in 50 per cent more light. In lower light far more detail is visible, so when you go back over your party pics from Cirque Le Soir, you're going to be able to see who was up to what a lot clearer! In daylight, the detail is simply magnificent even up to the maximum 5x digital zoom. A seven megapixel selfie camera will also come in handy round these parts, don't you think? In our opinion the camera improvements are the single greatest feature on this phone.



The insides of the iPhone have undergone a complete overhaul and now it contains what they call an A10 Fusion chip. While this is a tad technical, it is essentially the best processor ever fitted in a phone. It makes games graphics phenomenal and splits the workload into high and low power tasks. Menial commands such as messages and music run on one bit, which consumes less energy while the other high-performance cores kick in only when needed. This extends the battery life from the 6S by two hours.



The speakers have been upgraded and are now stereo so you get one out the bottom and one out of the receiver. This has doubled the volume of the 7 from the 6S and we can definitely tell.

Now for the elephant in the room - the lack of an earphone jack. This is not as much an elephant as a miniscule molehill that has been talked up into the proverbial mountain. We never really saw the problem anyway. Things change. Either invest in wireless earphones, OR use the lightening connector attachment provided with every new phone and plug in your own the way you always have. Not so difficult is it? Lose the attachment.get another one for $9 or less.



We're in love. In the age of social media, this phone's camera is invaluable. You can see the difference from the photos taken on you old phone, which will be downloaded from your cloud, to the first one you take on this instantly. The clarity is superb. Other little features we liked where the new home button, which now forms a solid part of the base of the phone rather than being a separate clicker and the brighter 1334-by-750-pixel display.


By David Light 

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