Don't Let the Coronavirus Stop You: Make Money During Home Quarantine

Published March 17th, 2020 - 04:00 GMT
Don't Let the Coronavirus Stop You: Make Money During Home Quarantine
Some people might have to think about making money to make up for the temporary unemployment. (Shutterstock/Vasylyna Halun)

Staying at home for weeks might not be everyone's favorite option, yet millions of people around the world have been either advised or forced to self-quarantine for at least two weeks. This precautionary measure is being applied by several countries worldwide to limit the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus.

The majority will most probably take the break as a chance to spend more time with partners, kids, pets, family members, or roommates, or use the available time to practice hobbies, read, binge-watch TV shows or catch up with movies they missed lately. Some people, however, might have to think about making money to make up for the temporary unemployment or the unpaid leaves they have been forced to take.

Here, we present a number of ideas that can help people with different interests to start making money during their time at home.

1. Take online paid surveys

There are many websites that would pay users to fill in surveys related to interests, experiences, and opinions. The data you fill in can later be used in case studies and researchers.

Finishing surveys provided by websites like SwagbucksToluna, OnePoll can pay a decent amount of money if you have the time and patience for it.

2. Learn how to play and create music

Remember how many times you've postponed your plans to learn your favorite musical instrument? Here's your perfect chance to actually start playing music and maybe create your own unique piece of art that could actually become a hit among other quarantined fellows across the world.

3. Join a freelance-online service

Whether your skills are connected to math, marketing, translation, creative writing, or any other skill, you'll always find a chance to use your time to provide freelance services.

Research your options based on your skill and find the proper platform to make money through it.

4. Teach your language

While millions of people are also looking for things to keep them busy, many people across the world may have decided to take learning your language more seriously as to make use of their time.

Seize the moment and look for a good language teaching service online. If you're not confident about your ability to teach advanced levels, you can always choose to teach novice students.

5. Start a blog/vlog

Now that you're spending most of your time in the peaceful setting of your own house, you have a great chance to reflect on your life and document your notes in writing. If you're more of a talker than a writer, you can record yourself talking about whatever topic that's of interest to you currently.

With millions of people with free time around the world, there's a great chance that many people will take the time to read your words and discuss them with you.

This tip doesn't grant instant money, but it can help you build a follower-base, that will continue to show interest in your virtual content. This, in turn, will eventually help you make good money if you keep working on it.

6. Stay creative

Painters, fashion designers, musicians, and people with home-based hobbies can take the time to start serious, well-planned projects in order to produce some works that can be sold once the epidemic is over and life is back to normal again.

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