Dubai makes it to world's top 10 cities with most hotel rooms

Published March 27th, 2017 - 11:43 GMT
Dubai is home to 100,000 hotel rooms. (Pixabay)
Dubai is home to 100,000 hotel rooms. (Pixabay)

Dubai makes it to the list of countries with the most hotel rooms in the entire world.

Everybody who travels knows that comfortable stay is one of the most important elements of going on a holiday - apart from your airplane ticket. The question of "where are you staying?" has prompted many countries to build countless of places to stay for tourists, all in varying levels of luxury.

Suffice to say, the number of hotel rooms in a country could give a hint as to how many tourists visit the country. Hence, without further ado, here are InsiderMonkey's 10 countries where you won't need to worry about where you are going to stay.

10. London


Home to Queen Elizabeth II and UK royal family, London tourists have over 90,000 hotel rooms to their liking. Add to that, the many things you can do around the country.

9. Dubai

The beautiful oasis of the Middle East laden with opulent luxury and only the best in the world, Dubai is home to 100,000 hotel rooms. It's also home to the Burj Khalifa, Atlantis the Palm and Burj Al Arab, the latter having 202 bedroom suites. Those landmarks aside, many luxury hotels have made their mark in Dubai - there's the Palazzo Versace, the Armani Hotel, the recently opened St. Regis and W Hotel near the Dubai Canal and many more world class hotel chains.

8. Bangkok

A popular tourist destination - the capital of Thailand is known for its food, culture and sparkling nightlife. According to Insider Monkey - their top picks among its 100,000 hotel rooms are the Peninsula Bangkok and Mandarin Oriental.

7. Washington DC

Home to controversial President Donald Trump, the capital of the United States also houses 100,000 hotel rooms. Many tourists flock the White House or the Capitol which makes for a pretty good reason why there are a couple of hotels.

6. New York

Sinatra was right when he sung that he wants to be a part of New York (New York). 'The City that Never Sleeps' has 100,000 hotel rooms at its disposal for the tired traveler that needs to take a nap.

5. Chicago

Home to the arts and a musical named after it, Chicago has many places to see such as Millennium Park, Michigan Avenue and the Art Institute of Chicago. When you're tired of the tour, there's 100,000 hotel rooms at your disposal.

4. Barcelona

Ed Sheeran sang about the joy of being in this Spanish-city and it's definitely one to see. It's a vibrant city in between its traditional past and the modern business district. Oh, it also has 120,000 hotel rooms.

3. Paris

You'll definitely 'always have Paris' because of its 140,000 hotel rooms that will welcome you. Our recommendation? Instead of heading to the Eiffel Tower, go to Tour Montparnasse to get that ultimate view of the City of Lights.

2. Orlando

Why go to Miami when you have Orlando and its 150,000 hotel rooms? Tourism is pretty much the city's bread and butter and its stable of entertainment destinations seems to agree. There you'll find Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and all your favourite characters from pop culture.

1. Las Vegas

The King, Elvis Presley himself sung about Las Vegas as the "Bright Light City". When you have 152,000 hotel rooms - that is bound to happen. It's known exactly for its hotels and casinos and if you do visit it. Just remember Elvis' wish: "How I wish that there were more/Than the twenty-four hours in the day."

By Keith Perena


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