Enjoying the World Cup on a Budget

Published July 1st, 2018 - 11:26 GMT
Sometimes, you can do without the high-end stuff, so as long as a device can do the necessary things for you. (Shutterstock)
Sometimes, you can do without the high-end stuff, so as long as a device can do the necessary things for you. (Shutterstock)

The 2018 Fifa World Cup is reaching fever pitch, thanks to wild endings (sorry, Germany; I actually had them winning it again, though defending the Cup is apparently that difficult, especially for the past three champions) and mouth-watering clashes ahead.

And while we're not among those lucky enough to be at any of the Russian pitches with a ringside seat to all the action, hanging out at a sports nest or the comforts of home watching the matches (also) live aren't exactly a bad idea - especially for the latter.

And you don't have to spend that much to enjoy all the kicks, offsides and goals of the mega event. Cue the affordable TV segment here; for this one, we had the opportunity to test out a couple that fit the bill from UK-headquartered Ctroniq.

The company is known for their budget-friendly devices that carry lots of spunk. In line with the World Cup, they're offering 32-(32CT3100) and a more generous 43-inch (43CT4100) options.

Both TVs share some common traits - a 16:9 aspect ratio, a PC port, 3D noise reduction and two each of HDMI and USB ports. Then this is where it diverges: the 32-inch version is high-definition, while the 43-inch option has full-HD capability. There's a negligible difference in viewing angle, 178 degrees versus 180 degrees. Both are almost edge-to-edge, so you'll be making the most out of digital real estate.

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Now let's make one thing clear: these TVs aren't exactly your top-of-the-line sets; they're priced at Dh399 and Dh699, respectively, and are available over at Souq.com. But one look at them and you won't notice that they're at those price points.

I started watching some stuff on it and - for the more exciting part - I hooked up my Xbox One to both of them (not at the same time, of course) and it was pleasantly surprising that the colours are solid and I didn't see any screen burns. I did, though, notice lines moving across the screen when the display dims after it's been idle for some time. While that's negligible, it doesn't quite give a good look when you're staring at it (if you love staring at a dimmed TV).

So is it worth it? Though it doesn't obviously come with high-end features, it more than makes up for what you require - though it tends to respond slowly when you maneuvre through its settings.

And if you're not satisfied with either 32- or 43-inch version, there's some news for you: Ctroniq has announced that it'll be coming up with two larger versions of its TVs: 55- (55CT8100) and 65-inch (65CT8100) models. Even bigger news: they'll be the smart type and will support 4K UHD.

By Alvin R. Cabral

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