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June 5, 2013

Global luxury brands like Fendi are taking a bite of this lucrative pie with tie-ups
11:19 GMT
Over the past few months newswires have been flooded with stories painting a pretty picture of the real estate market.
An Eclipse Jet aircraft on show at the recent Middle East Business Aviation expo in Dubai. Business jets will get a new home at the Dubai World Central, the purpose-built aerotropolis.
05:00 GMT
By 2020 – the regional fleet size of registered business jets is expected to cross 1,375
Shoppers at the mall. This year, luxury consumption is forecast to grow but at a slower pace, by 7 per cent, and sales are likely to hit $2 billion.
05:00 GMT
The general consumer confidence in economic performance index for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the first quarter of 2013 hiked by 2 points, up from 126 for the same period of 2012, an index by Studies Directory of the Department of Economic Development showed.

June 4, 2013

The workshops were a joint-effort between Google and AstroLabs.
13:36 GMT
The goal of the workshops was to provide the most promising startups with mentorship and help create a network of communication between entrepreneurs.
International calls in the UAE has been expensive
13:36 GMT
Etisalat has done well to make inter-emirate calls on the landline free. This will increase usage in a more interconnected UAE population. But, etisalat could do two more important things: Reduce the cost of international calls and open up Voip.
Vodafone Qatar
13:08 GMT
Outgoing Vodafone Qatar CEO Richard Daly said on Monday that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) remains a major threat to licenced telecommunication providers in Qatar and it should be stopped as it is illegal.
Khartoum also moved to effectively devalue the currency which came under enormous pressures as a result of a big shortage in foreign currencies
12:00 GMT
The Sudanese minister of finance and national economy Ali Mahmoud Abdel-Rasool has acknowledged that the country's economy is facing significant headwinds despite an austerity program implemented in the wake of South Sudan's secession.
In the US money printing has driven the rise in the stock market and house prices and produced an illusion of recovery for the wealthy.
11:58 GMT
The ISM Index at 49 was actually at the lowest level since the depths of the global financial crisis in mid-2009.
Saudi Arabia’s nonoil producing private sector firms indicated rising input stock levels in May.
11:55 GMT
The operating conditions in Saudi Arabia’s nonoil producing private sector strengthened during May.
What Turkey and South Africa have in common are current account deficits
11:42 GMT
Messy politics, economic slowdown and a balance of payments deficit: four days of violent anti-government protests across Turkey are reminding investors of another emerging market - South Africa.
(Photo: Al-Ahram)
11:01 GMT
International Labour Organisation (ILO) forecasts 8.8 percent unemployment in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by 2015, putting region at risk of rising social unrest.

June 3, 2013

Qatari business butterflies
13:43 GMT
Qatar's business community remains cautiously optimistic despite global economic uncertainty and downward pressure on oil prices, according to the Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Business Optimism Index (BOI) survey for Qatar for Q2 2013.
Emerging markets status would see about $370 million flowing into the UAE, HSBC said.
09:05 GMT
The UAE and Qatar are in line for an upgrade to emerging-market status as early as this month, HSBC says, in a move that could help the two Gulf nations attract more investment.
People approaching retirement, aged over 55, are spending 8 to 11 per cent more on their weekly food shopping and public transport fares and other travel costs
07:30 GMT
Rising costs of living are squeezing the monthly budgets of pre-retirees and forcing them to dip into their savings pots just to continue repaying their debts.

June 2, 2013

Qatari National Bank
13:06 GMT
Peak growth and rising unemployment in the eurozone is prompting a change in policy direction away from budget austerity, QNB has said in a report.