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April 8, 2013

Sanctions don’t bring down regimes; the world knows that from Iraq
12:04 GMT
As the Syrian civil war continues, Western sanctions on the regime are hurting the population while the regime appears unfazed.
The lifelong leftist stressed that Egypt's economic crisis was tied to the prevailing state of political polarisation
12:04 GMT
At a Cairo conference, opposition figures and left-leaning economists are denouncing the current government's commitment to free trade, call for ending Egypt's 'neo-liberal' agenda.
Brazilian exporters eye KSA prospects
08:28 GMT
Brazil is looking to conquer the lucrative Saudi market, to give the Kingdom some of its famous lust for life.
Public health expenditure in the GCC countries ranges between 63 percent and 80 percent of total health expenditure
08:23 GMT
Healthcare spending in the six nations that make the GCC is expected to reach $79 billion by 2015, new research suggests.
Lebanon depends on the summer season for around 40 percent of its gross domestic product
08:15 GMT
Lebanon’s ailing economy is expected to receive a badly needed “positive shock” if newly appointed Prime Minister-designate Tamam Salam brings about a balanced Cabinet that above all tackles security, business leaders said over the weekend.

April 7, 2013

Both Cyprus and Lebanon are just a few years from becoming producers of natural gas
11:57 GMT
Lebanon and Cyprus could be on the verge of dramatic change with the discovery of lucrative offshore gas fields, but the two small nations need to forget politics and move together.
National Bank of Development (NBD) Head Nevine Loutfy
11:49 GMT
The first ever female head of an Islamic bank, Nevine Loutfy, ponders her passion for banking and what it takes for women to reach and stay at the top.
Sea ports account for 82 per cent of Bahrain's imports
11:42 GMT
New clearance procedures helped Bahrain's imports goods, clothes and food jump by 21 per cent in 2012 as against the previous year, according to a top official.
Morocco at a crossroad
07:54 GMT
Despite not seeing the same level of protests as in neighboring countries, Morocco's economy continues to suffer, but will this lead it's disenfranchised youth to turn to radical elements to vent their frustration?

April 4, 2013

Fleeing Syrians find few opportunities in cash-strapped Egypt
13:09 GMT
Egypt has become home to a growing number of Syrian refugees who are struggling to find work and support their families in an already-difficult economic climate.
Better financial conditions for Jordan later this year
12:50 GMT
Sixty-five per cent of Jordanians believe that the country’s economy has gotten worse in the last six months, according to a new study.
Official data showed the UAE's imports of goods and services stood at US$256.4 billion in 2011
11:47 GMT
An upsurge in business has sharply boosted imports by the UAE over the past few years to turn into the largest market in the Middle East, despite having one of the lowest populations in the region.
Apple goes wide with its local retail strategy
09:17 GMT
The technology behemoth Apple has diversified its retail strategy, enabling tech-savvy consumers to get their hands on the munch-desired goods not just in electronic stores.
The fuel price raising option was among a set of recommendations
08:57 GMT
Kuwait’s parliament has rejected a proposal to raise fuel prices for expatriates through the introduction of special cards that maintain subsidized prices for Kuwaitis only.
Saudi banks are said to be shifting toward a more conservative stance this year, at least on the corporate side
08:41 GMT
Saudi Arabia’s credit growth is expected to slow next year and in 2015. The rate of commercial bank lending to the private sector, however, has been gathering pace, reflecting a buoyant non oil economy.