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December 17, 2012

Kuwait it trying to recoup losses on unpaid water and electricity bills
07:34 GMT
Authorities in Kuwait are taking a harder line with people with arrears on their utility accounts by disconnecting user with large debts as part of a scheme to recover millions of dinar of unpaid bills.

December 16, 2012

Saudi Arabia is planning a big investment in the rail industry
12:56 GMT
Saudi Arabia is to invest SR 365 billion ($97 billion) in railway projects by 2040, as part of the "Saudi Arabia's Railway Master Plan (SRMP) ."
Social media can help businesses improve advertising revenues, according to experts at the 3rd Arab Social Media Forum
09:48 GMT
Social Media is playing an increasing role in business across the region, and experts at the 3rd Arab Social Media Forum, held in Jordan, have predicted advertising revenues to boom because of it.
Not such a festive Christmas for hoteliers in Egypt as political instability leads to cancellations
08:52 GMT
Recent political instability in Egypt, particularly Cairo, has seen 50 per cent of all bookings for the festive period cancelled, although resorts in Sharm Al-Sheikh are expected to keep 90 per cent of bookings.
Iraq's oil output is at its  highest ever level, causing a headache for OPEC and other oil-producing nations
07:17 GMT
Iraq is producing more oil than ever, but this is causing a headache for the rest of the industry and causing Saudi Arabia to lower its own crude export to prevent price declines.
Morocco is planning to increase the use of microcredit schemes to boost employment
04:00 GMT
The Moroccan government plans to use microcredits to create two million permanent jobs over the next ten years instead of the one million currently forecasted.
Lebanese banks still could reap benefits from Syria once the conflict is over, the head the Association of Banks has said
03:00 GMT
Lebanese banks can reap huge benefits from the Syrian market once a political settlement is reached in the war torn country, the Secretary-General of the Association of Banks in Lebanon said Friday.

December 13, 2012

Emirate achieves new record with non-oil ties up 13 per cent on 2011
11:57 GMT
Non-oil trade in Dubai reached new highs of Dhs1 trillion in the first 10 months of this year, up 13 per cent on the same period in 2011, as the Emirate continues plans to make it the gateway to the region.
Dubai is the foremost GCC port by container volume and is ranked at the ninth place among the top 10 world container ports
11:30 GMT
The GCC countries are expected to spend billions of dollars to expand their seaports in the coming five years to keep abreast with increasing demand, booming businesses, maritime experts experts have said
Investors saw the IMF loan as a lifeline for those looking to put their money into the Egyptian Stock Exchange
11:30 GMT
Egypt's business community has expressed disappointment with the delay with to the $4.8 billion IMF loan, saying that it will harm the already fragile economic climate in the country.
Can Lebanon's Prime Minister Najib Mikati resolve the crisis?
08:16 GMT
Hundreds of striking teachers and public sector employees marched in Beirut Wednesday to protest the continued failure of the Cabinet to refer a salary raise to Parliament, but what is the future of the protests movement after so many months?
Libya is trying to diversify its economy into the green gold of olive oil
06:00 GMT
Libya is trying to increase the production of the Middle Eastern favourite, the olive, in an effort to boost and diversify the economy, which is heavily relient on the hydrocarbon oil.
The IMF has issued a stark warning on the Yemeni economy
03:00 GMT
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the Central Bank of Yemen should refrain from any additional lending to the Government, as the post Arab Spring country faces economic and financial challenges.

December 12, 2012

The Syrian economy is at risk of collapse, economists have warned
12:00 GMT
War-ravaged Syria’s economy will shrink by a fifth in 2012 and all its foreign reserves could be spent by the end of next year, a global finance industry association said Monday.
The proposed tax will target newly constructed buildings in Beirut and other regions and would allow developers to rise higher than current zoning regulations permit
11:28 GMT
Lebanon is being buffeted by the Syrian civil war and on the home front, Prime Minister Najib Mikati is struggling with restive trade unions over a pay increase for public sector workers, but any false move could hurt the economy.