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September 24, 2012

Struggling to get Dinars from the bank? A new banking crisis is hitting the Kingdom, according to customers
13:03 GMT
A new banking crisis is hitting Jordan, with customers repeatedly complaining of staff-shortages in the Kingdom.
Saudi Aramco says that its proven crude oil reserves have fallen to the lowest level in eight years
11:43 GMT
Saudi Aramco says its proven crude and condensate reserves dipped to their lowest level since 2004 last year as the company pushed its oil production to one of the highest levels in decades and achieved only limited exploration success.
Fuel subsidies look set to be cut in Egypt
10:33 GMT
Egypt's government is facing a tough challenge when it comes to implementing a coupon plan designed to cut massive energy subsidies that make up a quarter of government spending.
HE Yarub Qudah of JEDCO explaining their role in supporting SMEs in Jordan, but are they cure-all solution for the ills of the Jordanian economy?
10:05 GMT
The Jordanian economy is growing at a rate of 3 per cent, but all is not well in the Kingdom. As the government attempts to promote Small and Medium sized Enterprises, structural reform is needed to make the SME environment successful.
Inflation is rocketing in Lebanon as the conflict in Syria spills over the border, further destabilising the economy
09:49 GMT
The conflict in neighbouring Syria is putting a strain on the Lebanese economy, with inflation creeping up and many people taking on second jobs as the economy contracted by 0.3 percent in the second quarter.

September 23, 2012

Rakbank has been given a stable outlook by Moody's
14:51 GMT
Moody's Investors Service has affirmed National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah's (RAKBANK) global foreign and local currency deposit ratings.
Could the housing market in the UAE be turning the corner?
14:12 GMT
The housing market in the United Arab Emirates could be turning a corner and returning to pre-global recession levels, which had a dramatic effect on the real estate market in the gulf state.
Post-revolution Egypt could be highly lucrative for investors
13:12 GMT
The potential for a big rebound in politically and economically unstable countries in the Middle East and North Africa has some investors turning to risky currencies as a potentially lucrative investment.
Iraq's unemployment is some of the highest in the Middle East, but experts question if this plan is workable
10:41 GMT
Iraq is set to embark on an ambitious job creation plan it hopes will result in work for as many as five million Iraqis in the next five years as it spends US$275 billion (Dh1.01 trillion) of cash earmarked for development.
Will post-Arab Spring Egypt start to welcome  trade unions with open arms?
09:00 GMT
Trade unions in Cairo want guarantees to the right to form free and independent unions and protection from harassment.
Lucrative gas fields could be off the coast of Lebanon
08:00 GMT
An international firm has estimated the volume of gas in Lebanon’s south-west corner to be close to 25 trillion cubic feet, valued by experts to be worth over $40 billion.

September 20, 2012

Made in Lebanon: Entrepreneur shows the banking industry how to do it
13:42 GMT
A Lebanese entrepreneur has created software that saves the banking industry time, effort and money, through an automated system. Fares Kobeissi's idea is starting to be noticed, and it's 100 per cent Lebanese.
GCC states need to reduce their oil-dependency
13:32 GMT
Gulf states need to diversify their economies and reduce their oil dependency, according to a leading expert.
Many forms of Arab media exist, but have the failed the Middle East?
11:06 GMT
In a world dominated to a great extent by media institutions, where media becomes a battle front, it is necessary to explore how the media operates, with what goals, and how it influences society. In an interview with Arwa Al-Rikabi of Arab News, Leon Barkho who is a prominent scholar, spoke on this issue.
South Sudan needs to change to secure a bright future
09:34 GMT
South Sudan, one of the newest nations on earth, has faced hardship since it seceded from its northern neighbour in 2011. Celebrations were plentiful in Juba, but problems remain as change is needed to secure a bright future.