Your Full Guide on How To Get the UAE Passport

Published March 10th, 2021 - 04:00 GMT
Your Full Guide on How To Get the UAE Passport
The quality of life in the UAE has been driving peoples' interests from all over the world. (Shutterstock: Bradai Abderrahmen)

Thanks to its high-quality lifestyle and the numerous opportunities it offers its residents and citizens, the UAE has for decades been attracting millions of expats, many of whom wish they can obtain the UAE passport so they can enjoy the life they loved for as long as possible.

Who does not want to enjoy summer-like weather all year long in a country with excellent infrastructure and safety measures, high-tech accessibility, great professional experiences, a diverse international environment, and a luxurious lifestyle? 

These are only a few of the main perks enjoyed by the UAE residents, who make up more than 90% of the country's population and wish they can call this country home.

In this article, we will explore the different options people have to follow if they wish to become UAE citizens and receive the UAE passport.

1. Investors and talented professionals

Last January, the UAE has amended a number of its citizenship laws to allow investors and highly-talented professionals to obtain the UAE passport, along with their immediate family members.

The decision was celebrated as an attempt to attract the brightest minds to the country, in addition to individuals with capital to invest within the different sectors in the UAE, meaning to create an even more successful business environment in the country.

2. Live in the UAE for continuous 30 years

Holders of foreign nationalities who reside legally in the UAE for continuous 30 years in which they have never been involved in illegal activities or stopped being employed, can apply for the country's citizenship by filing an application to the UAE's Ministry of Interior. 

3. Marriage to an Emirati citizen

This rule only applies to foreign women so far, and not men. Women who marry male Emiratis can apply for UAE citizenship within three years of marriage. The UAE nationality can also be granted to kids of Emirati men automatically, even ones who are not born in the country.

Moreover, kids of Emirati women whose fathers are unknown, or their father's nationality is unknown can apply for UAE citizenship as soon as they turn 18, by an application they can make through the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).

Have you thought of obtaining the UAE passport before? How do you think being an Emirati citizen can help you achieve your future plans?

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