Gamer's Glossary: 16 Gaming Slang Terms You should Know

Published November 19th, 2020 - 12:00 GMT
Gamer's Glossary: 16 Gaming Slang Terms You should Know
By learning some of the most popular slang and terms, you’ll be able to enjoy the game much more. (Shutterstock)
Here’s an example of only some most popular gamer slangs in 2020.

If you are just starting your gamer journey, you will soon realize that you’ll need to learn a lot of new things. For starters, every game has its unique playstyle. This means you will first need to learn how to actually play the game. On top of that, there are numerous tips and tricks and finesses that will only further boost your gaming experience.

Aside from these, every player needs to understand gaming lingo in order to truly become a part of the community. Since each gaming niche has its own terminology, learning all of the slang can be quite difficult. That’s why you should ideally start with the slangs regarding your game of choice and gradually work on expanding your vocabulary.

Here’s an example of only some most popular gamer slangs in 2020.


No matter the type of online game you’re playing, your computer will send and receive information to and from the server it’s connected to. The speed at which the data travels is called ping. Ping is measured in milliseconds, which means the smaller the ping the better. In some online games, high ping can seriously affect gameplay.


FPS can either refer to the first-person-shooter type of game or it can denote frames per second. In the online world, you want your FPS to be as high as possible. FPS in the latter sense denotes how fast your computer is rendering things. So, if you have an extremely low FPS, chances are you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite game.


Every now and then online gamers need to AFK. The term AFK stands for “away from keyboard”. Online players usually type in AFK if they need to step away from the game shortly. That way they’re letting their team members know that they’re not present but that they’ll be back soon.


Grinding is a term used in some games to describe actions that are repetitive but usually yield a reward. Grinding is particularly present in PRG games, where players slowly build their character’s gear over time. In order to reach the best quality, one must grind – usually materials and events – for it.


RNG stands for “random number generator”. There are many online game types that rely on this. Games, such as Guild Wars 2 offer loot boxes called Black Lion Chests whose outcome is entirely RNG controlled. On the other hand, online slots are another type of game that relies entirely on RNG.

Double or Nothing

Double or nothing refers to a type of bet you’re making. What this means is that you’re betting that you’ll either double your assets or lose them entirely. The best example of double or nothing is if you’re, for instance, betting black or red in roulette.

High Roller

In the online casino world, a high roller is a person who plays high stakes and has a bankroll to back it up. So, it’s entirely possible to become a high roller yourself the more you play and manage to win. Of course, needless to say, the greater the risk, the greater the prize.


Buy-in refers to the amount of casino currency that you’re required to invest in order to participate in a game. Most casinos don’t allow playing with real money. Instead, you’ll be required to buy the casino’s currency – tokens or chips – with real money and use that as your assets. For instance, in poker tournaments, the buy-in is usually the cost of entry.



In online multiplayer games, it can sometimes happen that a character dies. This is usually during fights with bosses or other players. It can sometimes also happen that the player can’t teleport or respawn so they may ask you to “rez” them. Rez is short for resurrect, as online gamers usually don’t have the time to spell out the entire word.


GG and GJ stand for “good game” and “good/great job” respectively. No matter the type of game you’re playing, if you do something right, other players will most likely compliment you in this way.



Similar in a way to grinding, farming relates to collecting in-game materials that can later be used. This is another term usually used in RPGs where players farm mats, supplies, and even gold. But it can also be used in other types of games.


Ghosting is the term used for observing or following other players without them noticing you. This can be quite useful if you’re looking to learn more about other player’s play styles.



Nerf is a term most gamers cringe at when they hear it. When developers first make a game, they can’t really predict all the ways people will use their options. So, for instance, if it turns out that some aspect of the game is not fairly balanced, the devs will most likely nerf it with the next patch.

Rage Quit

Things can get quite heated in online games. So, when a player becomes too emotional – usually when on a losing streak – they can sometimes rage quit. So, what this term denotes is abruptly abandoning the game most commonly out of rage or frustration.



If you look up “aggro” in the dictionary, you’ll find the definition: “n; deliberately aggressive, provoking, or violent behavior”. In the gaming world, this term is used when a player is trying to distract a boss or other players by drawing attention to themselves. In RPGs, for instance, a “tanky” class player will do this so that the boss doesn’t target a weaker class instead.


To the inexperienced new player, these two terms can seem quite similar. However, a newbie is a term used to describe new players. On the other hand, noob has a negative connotation. A noob is someone who is no longer a new player but still doesn’t know how to play the game.

So, before you dive deep into the world of online games, make sure you first research the game’s glossary. By learning some of the most popular slang and terms, you’ll be able to enjoy the game much more.

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