Halloween’s 8 Most Expensive Outfits!

Published October 26th, 2021 - 09:00 GMT
Halloween’s 8 Most Expensive Outfits!
For some people wearing any costume does not do it, and instead they go the extra mile to really stand out.(shutterstock)

As we reach the end of October, people are getting more and more excited about wearing costumes for this year’s Halloween! With Halloween being one of the most celebrated events, people are looking forward to the spookiness in the air and all the extra candy they can get their hands on. 

Whether you decide to buy your costume online or make a customized one on your own, there is no denying that Halloween can be exciting and memorable. However, for some people wearing any costume does not do it, and instead they go the extra mile to really stand out.

Therefore, we decided to bring you 5 of the most expensive Halloween outfits:

1. NASA’s Spacesuit ($9M)

Halloween spacesuit outfit
Source: Reddit

Who would have thought that becoming a tourist in space is not the only expensive thing about space? Turns out, just wearing the NASA spacesuit costume will cost you a good $9M!

2. Morph Suit ($1.6M)

Halloween Morph Suit
Source: Digital News Room

If you love diamonds, love to stand out and have a million dollars to spare, then this morph suit is for you! Being sold at $1.6M, this morph suit is made of around 70K diamonds that covers the entire body. 

3. Mermaid ($25K)

Halloween mermaid
Source: Twitter (@iamRuthECarter)

No, this is definitely not the mermaid you heard stories about growing up. Because this mermaid costume is worth about $25K! The good news though is that this Halloween costume was part of a giveaway, so technically anyone could have worn it. Designed by Ruth E. Carter, this one of a kind mermaid Halloween costume is made with fresh water pearls and corals. 

4. Daft Punk Helmet Replica ($25K)

halloween daft punk helmet
Source: Etsy

Another Halloween outfit being sold for $25K is the Daft Punk Helmet Replica, which seems to be short in stock despite its high price! 

5. Game of Thrones Dress ($15.4K)

Halloween game of thrones
Source: Etsy

With the increasing popularity of the hit series, Game of Thrones, it does not come as a surprise that an exact replica of Margaery Tyrell’s wedding gown will be sold at around $15.4K.

6. Rococo Costume ($15K)

Halloween Rococo Costume
Source: Etsy

Even though this costume was custom made for a specific buyer and is no longer being sold, one cannot deny the amount of exquisite details it has! Seems like going back to the 18th century is worth $15K for some. 

7. Beauty and The Beast (~$10K)

Halloween beauty and the beast
Source: Etsy

As of writing this beauty and the beast costume was selling fast! People are rallying over this handmade costume that seems to bring the fairytale a little closer to reality. 

8. Iron Man Armour ($9.999K)

Halloween Iron Man Armour
Source: BuyFullBodyArmors

Who wouldn’t want to be a marvel character for Halloween? This Iron Man Armour is the real deal for anyone who is a real fan.. and can afford it that is! Sold for $9.999K, this Iron Man Armour includes all the features of the marvel character. 

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