Here's Everything You Need to Know About iOS 15

Published September 21st, 2021 - 11:00 GMT
Here's Everything You Need to Know About iOS 15
We will share with you in this article the main new features of the iOS 15 and how you can install it. (Source: Apple)
Apple released iOS 15 on Monday, the latest version of the iPhone operating system.
Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s big iOS 15 update, including how to install it.

Attention all iPhone users!📣
Apple's latest version of its operating system, iOS 15 is finally out and waiting for you to install it! 

We will share with you in this article the main new features of the iOS 15 and how you can install it.

What's so special about the iOS 15?

Skepticals might think that iOS 15 is identical to iOS 14 with one or two new features (Android users we're looking at you😒), but the below list will prove them wrong:

  1. FaceTime, Apple’s videoconferencing software, can now make calls to Windows and Android users
  2. Messages integration: A new section titled "Shared With You" is now added across Apple’s iOS apps—including Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. These sections are reference points for all the content shared with you by your contacts in Messages (and you can also send message responses from inside these apps, too).
  3. With iOS 15, Apple’s software can identify and provide users more information about animals, landmarks, plants and books that are in its Photos app. It also makes text inside the photos searchable, and users can even copy and paste text from a photo into a document.
  4. One of the biggest new features in iOS 15 "Focus" which is an upgrade to "Do Not Disturb" mode. Users can set up multiple Focus profiles for different situations such as home, work, or sleep. It will allow users to create special home screens so they can, for example, have different collections of apps for work or home. In addition, users can set custom notification rules for each one. There’s also the option to let other people know you’ve got notifications off when they try to text you.
  5. Apple Maps can now send "gentle reminders" to users notifying them when they need to get off the bus, train or subway before they miss their stop.
  6. iPhone's default browser, Safari, got its biggest redesign with iOS 15, bringing the address bar and back button from the top of the screen closer to the bottom to make it easier for thumbs to reach. It will also save groups of open tabs, so you can come back to them later, and supports extensions — just like Google Chrome or Safari on the desktop — for the first time through Apple’s app stores.
  7. Apple's Spotlight has a new look in iOS 15 with more photos, and Apple-provided information about TV shows, movies, musicians, and links that have been shared with the user.
  8. With iOS 15, Apple is redefining privacy for users! There's a new feature  called “App Privacy Report” that will show users how often an app accessed their microphone or location over the last seven days. In addition, it will inform users if apps are phoning home to their own servers. Users who pay for iCloud will also get “iCloud Private Relay” which is a beta feature that is similar to a VPN and hides IP addresses. Apple’s Mail app can provide its users with random burner email addresses and hide tracking pixels that tell marketers whether an email has been opened or not.
  9. With iOS15, users can add their drivers' licenses and keys into the Wallet app, but it may be a while before all users can take advantage of these big new features.
    iOS 15 driver's license
    Source: Apple
  10. Siri is now faster than ever with iOS 15! It no longer needs to send data to a faraway server in order to understand what you’ve asked it. Now, it can do it on the device itself, which will lead to a snappier experience without a slight delay, as well as additional privacy — Apple won’t have access to all the recordings of your Siri requests anymore.

How to install iOS 15?

All you need is an iPhone SE (1st generation) or newer or an iPhone 6s or newer. And here’s what you do:

  • Connect your compatible iPhone to Wi-Fi and power.
  • Open Settings.
  • Open General.
  • Open Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install.

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