How Much of Father's Day Is Actually About Fathers?

Published June 21st, 2020 - 08:00 GMT
How Much of Father's Day Is Actually About Fathers?
Buying expensive gifts on such occasions has become the norm that everybody follows blindly. (Shutterstock: Evgeny Atamanenko)

What kind of reminder did you have this week telling you about the approaching father's day on the 21st of June? You'd be very lucky if it wasn't an ad you saw online or in some street you drove by, a fact that tells you a lot about how capitalism has crept into our closest relationships.

This is not only limited to father's day celebrations, we can easily see a growing number of special celebrations being branded as a great and unique chance to buy something special.

Influenced by heavy advertisements, many social and family occasions have turned into shopping festivals, including days dedicated to showing love to parents and life partners.

Prior to these days, businesses set incredible discounts and promotions make it to literally every space around; until buying expensive gifts on those occasions has become the norm that everybody follows blindly.

The continuous commercialization of social events doesn't only limit expressions of appreciation to people in our lives to a merely materialistic practice, it also provides an easy solution to celebrate these relationships, one that downplays other more genuine, bonding-focused activities that would add much more value to relationships.

Now, instead of celebrating parents by spending some quality time with them, in an actual reminder of love and gratitude, ones that are actually needed, people are increasingly drawn to browsing through online shopping websites, looking for the best value packages and getting them shipped to their parents' houses, sometimes without even having to visit them. This in result diminishes the true meaning of those special days and only helps stores with the strongest marketing campaigns make the most profit. 

Even though celebrating Fathers' day hasn't been a popular practice until recently, one can't help but think that it is only brought up to encourage more shopping of rather unnecessary items, that will only make sense on such annual events; especially for people who continuously celebrate their love for their fathers and make sure they have everything they need throughout the year.

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