What Do You Know About Jennifer Lopez's Businesses?

Published July 24th, 2021 - 09:00 GMT
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her 52 years old birthday today. (Shutterstock)

Who doesn't adore the gorgeous Latina J Lo who is celebrating her 52nd birthday today? We mostly know her as a dancer, singer, and actress who has also become a fitness and fashion icon. But Jennifer Lopez is still much more than this.

Jennifer Lopez has been in the business world for many years now, through a variety of projects and collaborations that have made her rank as the most powerful celebrity in 2012 by Forbes, besides her name being mentioned in the Times' 2018 list of the world's most influential 100 people.

In addition to her Hollywood stardom since the 1990s, Lopez has also been part of many businesses in film, music, fashion, perfumes, and beauty products.

- In 1997, Lopez became the highest-paid Hispanic actress in history at the time, as she made a whopping $1 million for her role at the film Selena.

- Lopez's 1999 On the 6 music album sold more than 8 million copies across the globe.

- In 2001, Lopez became the highest-paid woman in Hollywood, earning $9 million for her role at the popular rom-com The Wedding Planner.

- During the same year, Lopez's attempt to conquer the world of fashion became her biggest professional disappointment; the failed Sweetface fashion collection she worked on with Andy Hilfiger.

- Another business venture of Lopez lasted for only six years, when she opened the Latin-inspired Madre's in Pasadena, California between 2002 and 2006.

- Lopez's 2002 booming success was in the Glow perfume she signed with Designer Parfums. The next year Lopez launched another fragrance; Still Jennifer Lopez. Both perfumes have reportedly generated more than $300 million in profit by 2003.

- J Lo's next Hollywood appearance was the 2003 movie Gigli, which despite being one of her least popular works got her $12 million.

- In a multimillion partnership with L'Oreal Paris, Jennifer Lopez became the company's ambassador and hair-care face in advertising campaigns. In 2011, she was Gillette Venus' first Global Ambassador as well.

- In September 2010, Jeffinfer Lopez released her third fragrance Love and Glamour, which was created by Honorine Blanc and Harry Fremont.

- Commanding a $12 million payday for her appearance on the 2010 season of American Idol, Jennifer Lopez seized a new opportunity. For her 2012 appearance at the popular show, Lopez made $20 million.

- Also in 2010, Lopez collaborated with Kohl's for her second fashion collection, one that was a much bigger success than her 2001 attempt.

- In 2014, Lopez made it to sixth place on Forbes' highest-paid women in music list, as she received  $37 million for the 14th season of American Idol.

- In 2016, "Jennifer Lopez: All I Have" residency was started in Las Vegas, generating $34.6 million in revenue.

- In 2017, Lopez collaborated with Giuseppe Zanotti for a new fashion and shoes collection that achieved huge success.

- In September 2019, Jennifer Lopez concluded Versace's Spring 2020 show during Milan Fashion Week as she appeared wearing an updated version of the famous dress she wore in the year 2000. Reports note that Lopez's appearance made $31.8 in revenue.

- At Versace's Spring 2020 fashion show, Lopez announced her 25th perfume Promise.

Happy Birthday, J Lo!

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