Jordan government creates 12,000 new jobs

Published March 26th, 2013 - 08:07 GMT
Young Jordanians most most affected by unemployment
Young Jordanians most most affected by unemployment

The Labour Ministry on Monday said more than 12,000 unemployed Jordanians have been secured jobs through a campaign launched earlier this year.

On January 14, His Majesty King Abdullah attended the launch of the National Employment Campaign titled “We are all partners,” aiming to provide 18,000 job opportunities.

During the weekly meeting of the ministry’s recruitment coordinators, Labour Minister Nidal Katamine said the ministry’s efforts in finding jobs for unemployed Jordanians have been successful so far. 

He urged ministry staff to exert more efforts to find job vacancies for residents of rural and remote areas, particularly people with disabilities.

“It is important not only to match or mediate between job seekers and employers, but also to follow up on those who have been secured jobs to ensure they remain employed by cooperating with the employer and addressing any obstacles that might arise,” the minister said.

The campaign has proven that there are big chances and job opportunities for the unemployed and “we must reach out to all to match between supply and demand”, he added. 

“We have hundreds of thousands of jobs taken by guest workers. As we take into account our national interests, we have to give recruitment priority for Jordanians until we gradually replace the guest workers with citizens,” Katamine added.

Meanwhile, he instructed ministry staff to carry out field visits to workplaces in order to have a firsthand look at the challenges as well as needs of employers and to work on finding solutions. 

Katamine added that the ministry will intensify its efforts through its labour inspectors to ensure full compliance by all parties with labour regulations.

With regards to the ministry’s crackdown on illegal workers, Katamine said the ministry will not be lenient with any violations to the Labour Law, noting that inspections will concentrate on employers who employ guest workers whose work status is not in compliance with regulations.

by Hani Hazaimeh

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