Love in the Time of Corona

Published February 13th, 2021 - 11:00 GMT
Love in the Time of Corona
Many are unable to be with their loved ones during this special day and this can be quite frustrating. However, as everyone says, love trumps all - even if it was a worldwide pandemic. (Shutterstock)

This year Valentine’s Day will be celebrated differently. Whether it be lockdowns, social distancing or travel restrictions, the pandemic has left its toll on the day of love. Many are unable to be with their loved ones during this special day and this can be quite frustrating. However, as everyone says, love trumps all - even if it was a worldwide pandemic. And we are here to give you some ideas on how you can still spread love during these difficult times without having to spend a fortune.

1. Write a letter
So many people tend to treat Valentine’s Day as the most important day of the year when it comes to love, however that is not necessarily true. One of the many things that this pandemic has taught us is to appreciate our loved ones. The world is collectively going through a very challenging time and the last thing you and your partner need is to be overthinking Valentine’s Day. Economies are being significantly hit and many are struggling to keep their jobs. Rather than going around in circles trying to figure out a way to find an expensive gift that you might not strain your budget, shift your focus this year to investing in your relationship daily. Write a love letter to your partner with the promise of showing them love and compassion every other day of the year. Focusing on small gestures that leave a meaningful impact might be a thousand times more meaningful than just celebrating Valentine’s. 


2. Time - the greatest gift of all! 
Think of it this way, the greatest gift you can give a loved one is your undivided attention and time. Just spending the day with your partner and enjoying one another company might be exactly what you need. Talk with your partner and let them know what you love about them. Maybe this year, Valentine’s Day is all about talking and cultivating intimate and deep conversations. Go for a walk together and bond over meaningful conversations. And if you are unable to be together on this day, be sure to spend time virtually and really talk. Sometimes it is difficult to start off right when couples are thousands of miles apart, but conversation cards may help. The We’re Not Really Strangers card game is all about driving meaningful conversation and it might be a great way to learn more about your partner. Showing them how grateful you are to them can go a long way. Gratitude has been proven to help improve relationships and open the door for honest conversations. 

3. Online virtual tours
Who says you have to actually travel to tour a country? Nowadays many touristic sites are offering virtual tours to help people teleport directly to their place of choice from the comfort of their homes. Some tours even offer interactive experiences that can make the tour that much more realistic and interesting. This budget friendly gift can be a great experience to share with a loved one during a time when traveling and exploring the world is difficult. 

4. Go on a date night, at home! 
Going on a date night might either be risky or even impossible with lockdowns and social restrictions. So why not bring the date night to you? A home cooked meal with some decorations can be a nice way to celebrate Valentine's day without having to worry about catching the virus or spending too much money. And if you are unable to be together at home, Zoom and other video call apps are here to the rescue! You can always agree to facetime while preparing the meal and then eat together virtually while having a good chat. 

5. Create a video of love
Showing the milestones of your relationship can be a wonderful way to reflect on how much your love has grown. You can create a video to your loved that has pictures and snapshots of your love. Going back down memory lane can be a fun way to spend your night with you are together at home or miles away. 


The most valuable things in life are actually for free. This Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder more than ever before of how important it is to appreciate and love those around you. With unusual times come unusual gifts, so channel your creative side and spread your love! 

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