Palestinian unemployment rate hits 23 per cent

Published April 30th, 2013 - 10:10 GMT
The unemployment rate in Palestine hit 23 per cent, according to the statistics bureau
The unemployment rate in Palestine hit 23 per cent, according to the statistics bureau

Marking Labor Day, which coincides on May 1, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) said Tuesday that unemployment rate in Palestine in 2012 was 23%, or 256,000 people were unemployed.

It said 21% of the unemployed were males and 33% females.

In addition, unemployment rate in the West Bank was 19% (about 141,000) compared to 31% in Gaza Strip (115,000).

The report said participation of men in the labor force was four times higher than the participation of women at a rate of 69% males to 17% females.

On West Bank level, the participation rate was 46% divided into 71% for males compared to 19% females, and in Gaza Strip about 40% of persons participated in the labor force; 65% for males and 15% for females.

The number of waged employees in Palestine amounted to 574,000, of whom 307,000 employed in the West Bank, 190,000 employed in Gaza Strip; 63,000 employed in Israel and 14,000 employed in Israeli settlements.

About 53% of wage employees in Palestine worked in the private sector compared with 34% employed by the public sector; while the percentage of workers in Israel and Israeli settlements reached 13%.

Regarding wage employees in the West Bank, more than half of them at about 55% worked in the private sector compared with 25% in the public sector and 20% in Israel and Israeli settlements. The public sector was the largest employer in Gaza Strip with 52% compared with 48% in the private sector.

About 22% of wage employees are poor in Palestine in 2011; 16% in the West Bank and 35% in Gaza Strip.

About 25% of wage employees work as professionals or technicians in Palestine; 17% for males and 66% for females. Moreover, 18% of wage employees in Palestine work in craft occupations; 21% for males and 4% for females.

The average daily real wage in Palestine was around $15 for both males and females with the West Bank workers, not including workers in Israel and the settlements, getting a little bit more than Gaza workers.

The services sector in the private sector recorded the highest average daily wage at $28 in the West Bank and a little less in Gaza Strip, followed by transport and communication sector where West Bank employees received around average wage but Gaza employees got half of what their West Bank counterparts received. The agriculture sector recorded the lowest average daily wage.

The average weekly work week in hours in Palestine was 41 hours; distributed as 39 hours for employed persons in the public sector to 42 hours in the private sector.

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