ADAC is in final discussions with the preferred bidder for the construction of the 700,000-square-meter Midfield Terminal Building

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Published May 6th, 2012 - 06:44 GMT

Abu Dhabi Airports Company ADAC announced today the preferred bidder for the construction of the Midfield Terminal Building MTB, with the consortium of CCC, TAV and Arabtec being selected.

ADAC is currently in discussions with the preferred bidder to finalize all details of the contractprior to its signing, and before officially announcing the winning contractor of the Midfield Terminal Building at the capital’s airport in June this year. 

The company released the tender to six prequalified groups of joint companies, and in November 2011 received all six proposals. In January 2012, ADAC announced it has received the approval from the Abu Dhabi Government for the expansion plans of Abu Dhabi International Airport. With this announcement today, the MTB is on-track to become the capital’s aviation gateway in 2017.

The 700,000-square-meter terminal building is one of the key strategic infrastructure projects to be undertaken in Abu Dhabi, and will initially handle 30 million passengers per year. It is set to become the future home of Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE.

Inlight of the developments underway and planned for Abu Dhabi, the expansion and redevelopment of Abu Dhabi International Airport is aimed at delivering world-class aviation infrastructure to support the Emirate’s long-term economic and tourism strategies that will underpin the Emirate’s2030 vision in building a vibrant and diversified economy.

On this announcement, Chairman of ADAC, H.E. Khalifa Al Mazrouei said, "Abu Dhabi Airports Company is looking forward to the construction of the Midfield Terminal Building. By announcing the preferred bidder today, the company is on-track to deliver an efficient and sustainable aviation infrastructure, capable of catering to the growing air transport needs of the Emirate.” 

“Abu Dhabi is experiencing remarkable development in the air transport sector and business and tourism industries that has positioned it as a hub for international commerce and travel. ADAC was established in 2006 to support this position and to spearhead the redevelopment of the Emirate’s aviation infrastructure. To this end, it plays a key part in the Government of Abu Dhabi’s Plan 2030, given that the estimated growth rates in tourism are expected to rise from 1.8 million visitors in 2010 to 2.7 million by 2013, and to 7.5 million by 2030.ADAC will ensure that the aviation infrastructure in the Emirate, from trained UAE Nationals to world-class facilities, is ready to support this opportunity,” he added.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the fastest growing hubs in the world. Its growth rate of 19.7% over the last five years has been spurred by the rapid growth of its hub airline, Etihad Airways, and the increasing attraction of Abu Dhabi as a destination for business and leisure. 

In 2009, ADAC commissioned Terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi International Airport, which is fully dedicated to Etihad Airways, providingadditional capacity and award-winning services to cater to the needs of the Middle East’s fastest growing airline. In line with Etihad Airways’ development plans and Abu Dhabi’s economic vision 2030, growth over the next 20 years is forecasted to be robust, and the new terminal will accommodate the projected traffic demand at 47 million passengers in 2030.

Focusing extensively on passenger experience, and designed to meet the highest quality and service standards, including the International Air Transport Association (IATA) level of service A (the highest levels of space allocation for passenger processing areas), the new terminal will include over 200 check-in counters, and will be capable of handling over 8,000 passengers per hour. The baggage system is designed for almost 20,000 bags per hour and will have over 22 kilometers of conveyors and 10 reclaim carousels. Security screening lanes for passengers will total 136 with a further 25 for staff.

The passenger facilities at the new Midfield Terminal Building will include 18,000 square meters of duty-free retail shopping and almost 10,000 square metersof international restaurants and cafes,offering a wide range of styles and cuisines. Passenger facilities will also include over 27,500 square meters of 23hospitality lounges, a transit hotel, and a heritage and culture museum.

The total built-up area will be 450,000 square meters in the central passenger areas, with a further 250,000 square meters in the aircraft piers. The piers will accommodate up to 65 aircraft, including the largest Airbus A-380 and Boeing 747-800.

The whole building will be constructed using almost 70,000 tons of steel,more than 1.6million tons of concrete, and nearly 500,000 square meters of steel and glass cladding.

Once delivered in 2017, the MTB will build on the culture of service excellence that ADAC has adapted since its inauguration in 2006, which has led to the company securingmany prestigious awards.The most recent accolade was when Abu Dhabi International Airport was awarded by Skytrax “the Best Airport in the Middle East” Award at the prestigious 2012 World Airport Awards last week, ranking the capital’s airport as the third best airport in the world, within the size category of 20 million passengers per year. Abu Dhabi International Airport was also certified as a Skytrax 4-Star airport, which recognizes the continued and ongoing improvement in the capital’s airport facilities and service standards. The capital’s airport was also ranked ‘2nd Best Service Provider’ in the Middle East Region by the Annual Airports Council International (ACI) ASQ passenger satisfaction survey - a key benchmark for standards in customer service in the global airport industry. Along with the overall high quality of airport services and facilities, the report published by ACI showed that the Abu Dhabi International Airport excelled in categories that demonstrate overall satisfaction of departing passengers.

Background Information

Abu Dhabi Airports Company

Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) is a public joint-stock company incorporated by Emiri Decree number 5, of March 4, 2006, to spearhead the development of the Emirate's aviation industry. ADAC’s creation was part of an ambitious restructuring initiative launched by the Government of Abu Dhabi, aimed at delivering better services to support the Emirate’s long-term economic and tourism strategies and to help build a more vibrant economy that attracts and promotes private sector investment.

للسبت الـ15.. احتجاجات السترات الصفراء تتواصل في فرنسا

Published February 23rd, 2019 - 09:46 GMT
من احتجاجات السترات الصفراء في فرنسا
من احتجاجات السترات الصفراء في فرنسا

يواصل الآلاف من محتجي حركة "السترات الصفراء" تظاهراتهم للأسبوع الخامس عشر على التوالي في العاصمة باريس ومدن فرنسية أخرى.

وقالت الشرطة في بيان، "أعلن في باريس عن خمس تظاهرات، ثلاث منها بشكل تجمعات، أما المسيرتان الأخريان اللتان سميتا على موقع فيسبوك للتواصل الاجتماعي "تسونامي أصفر" و"كلنا في الشانزيليزيه لا نتراجع عن شيء"، فستنطلقان من قوس النصر ظهر اليوم السبت على التوالي وتنتهيان في ساحة تروكاديرو".

وأضاف البيان أن هذه المسيرات ستعبر جادة الشانزليزيه وحي الأوبرا وتلتف حول متحف اللوفر وتتوقف أمام مقر "حركة شركات فرنسا" ثم تواصل طريقها إلى ساحة تروكاديرو.

من جهتها قالت وزارة الداخلية الفرنسية بشان الأرقام التي تنشرها، إن حجم التظاهرات تراجع في أيام السبوت الأربعة الأخيرة.

بدورهم أعلن أربعة آلاف شخص من رواد مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي مساء الجمعة عبر فيسبوك عن نيتهم المشاركة في هذه التجمعات، وقال أكثر من 18 ألفا آخرين إنهم "مهتمون" بها.

وذكرت مواقع التواصل أنه ستُنظم تجمعات في مدن أخرى غير العاصمة، مثل بوردو، التي تعد مع تولوز من مواقع التعبئة الكبرى التي تشهد باستمرار صدامات عنيفة مع قوات الشرطة.

من جهتها أبلغت نقابة شرطة بوردو المسؤولين مساء الجمعة عن "الوضع الحرج" و"الإنهاك المعنوي والجسدي" لرجال الشرطة، مطالبة بوسائل أكثر فاعلية لمواجهة "حرب العصابات في المدن".

لكن وزير الداخلية الفرنسي كريستوف كاستانير صرح خلال زيارة إلى ضاحية أوبرفيلييه شمال شرقي باريس "إذا كان البعض يعتقدون أن رجال الشرطة سينهكون وسيتم استنزافهم، فهم مخطئون"، مؤكدا أن "رجال الشرطة سيكونون حاضرين وسيقومون بمهامهم".

يشار إلى أن 41 ألف شخص تظاهروا في فرنسا السبت الماضي، مقابل 282 ألفا في 17 نوفمبر أول يوم للتحركات الاحتجاجية الاجتماعية، بحسب بيانات رسمية

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