ARACO: Modern and Contemporary Construction Designs Best Suit for UAE Climate

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Published January 30th, 2018 - 07:58 GMT
Saed Staitieh, Head of Design Department at ARACO
Saed Staitieh, Head of Design Department at ARACO

Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (ARACO), a leading engineering consultant in design and project management in the UAE opines that modern and contemporary construction designs are best suited for the hot and arid climate found in the UAE and across the GCC. The partiality for modern and contemporary design is due to its simplicity which provides for easier and simpler maintenance in comparisons to classic or heritage design styles.

Additionally, in designing modern and contemporary buildings, spaces without shade should be minimized, and the eastern and western walls should have small well-shaded windows. Further, placing courtyards or garden areas with ponds or other water features to cool the low-level air will produce cross ventilation and natural cooling. The trend of using nature-themed landscaping both inside and outside buildings could be thought to have this cooling principal in mind, and increasingly with the help of newer and smarter technologies, integrating such landscapes is becoming easier.

The hot and arid climate that is prevalent for most of the year in the GCC region can be a detriment to comfortable living and working conditions if architects, builders, owners, residents, and facilities management do not consider it an important factor in planning. Across GCC’s active construction projects, valued at USD 2.6trillion according to MENA Research Partners (MRP), it is safe to assume, climate informs the design of buildings due to the many modern cities across the GCC.

To construct a safe and sturdy climate-oriented building, there are many important factors. One such important factor for all types of buildings is insulation. The most important thing when it comes to insulation is the material life time and its applicability in the UAE. Further, insulation should cover the entire building from high thermal value materials used on roofs, to light-weight high-insulation concrete in construction, and the use of light colors for external and internal wall surfaces. Some of the popular materials used in construction in the UAE include mineral wool, glass reinforced concrete, fiberglass, AAC block, and the new combo roof heat insulation system.

However, as with climates across the globe, planning should also take into consideration unexpected or uncommon weather conditions such as rain in the UAE. When planning for rain, for roofs buildings should have a full drainage system, and maintenance should not be ignored.

As with any industry, keeping abreast or ahead of trends in both design and construction, and arising to challenges are vital to the success of the building, the stakeholders, and the investors. A particularly new and interesting trend is the use of organic shapes for the design and green architecture throughout the building. In the UAE “Current projects are already answering the imagined needs and desires of the next generation, such as towers with rotating floors, or vertical gardens,” commented Arch. Saed staitieh, Head of Design Department, ARACO. Whereas the challenges involve constructing more efficient buildings that are heat and rain resistant. Similarly, “Improving business outcomes for clients, the procurement processes within the industry, virtual building modelling, are all challenges in creating better cities,” noted Arch. Hani Alhusarai, Head of Architecture Department, ARACO.

The construction sector across the GCC is bustling buoyed by regional government plans such as UAE’s Vision 2021, and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, and posting a 30% increase in year-to-date performance in 2017 according to MRP. With premier projects such as the Burj Khalifa, undoubtedly, the UAE’s construction sector is a star contributor in the regional and global construction industry, and it is great planning that considers environmental and climatic factors that has contributed to this success.

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Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (ARACO)

One of the leading Engineering Consultants in design, supervision and project management in the UAE, Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (ARACO) has industry experience spanning over thirty years. A diversified portfolio covers a number of successful developments, including residential buildings and villas, commercial buildings, hospitals, and industrial projects. 

With strict compliance to local and international construction standards and a strong belief in transparent business ethics, ARACO maintains strong client loyalty and establishes strong, new relationships. ARACO's diverse, multicultural team conceptualizes creative, efficient designs that are robust and adaptable, requiring minimum maintenance, while maximizing lifespan and long-term customer satisfaction


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