Dubai Exports, FBMG Launch ‘Open Food Platform’ at Gulfood 2018

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Published February 26th, 2018 - 09:12 GMT
The Open Food Platform has already brought 650 companies and investors in the foods sector together with government entities and regulators.
The Open Food Platform has already brought 650 companies and investors in the foods sector together with government entities and regulators.

Dubai Exports, the export promotion agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED), together with the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Group (FBMG) and Gulfood, announced the launch of an ‘Open Food Platform’ at Gulfood 2018. The first of its kind, the smart platform, launched in the presence of Her Excellency Mariam Almheiri, The UAE Minister of State for Future Food Security, is set to integrate food value chain players in the public and private sectors to deliver value to all stakeholders, including the end-consumer.

The Open Food Platform has already brought 650 companies and investors in the foods sector - in addition to at least 4,000 traders directly or indirectly associated with the industry - together with government entities and regulators to share data and transact business across a smart application and website.

Resulting from more than 18 months of research, studies and development, the Open Food Platform seeks to make Dubai, which currently imports 99% of its food, the food hub of the region and the world. This will be achieved by using smart technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, to optimise and increase efficiencies throughout the food supply chain, preventing the loss of food, value, and energy.

Commented Engineer Saeed Al Awadi, CEO of Dubai Exports: "We are pleased to be partners with the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Group in launching the Open Food Platform. It’s a qualitative leap that will enhance competitiveness in the food sector, and boost exports by providing an overview of the global trends as well as the diversity of markets and demand."

The platform marks a new culture of intra-sector co-operation and information exchange, which will also serve as a model for other industries in the UAE in working with government entities and regulators, Al Awadi said. "Dubai Exports will serve as a link between exporters and the food trade. The Open food Platform provides an innovative template to build partnerships and launch initiatives that will improve efficiencies and deliver added value by consolidating public and private sector efforts. It’s a good example of harnessing latest technology to meet future demand,” said Al Awadi.

Abdul Rahman Al Hosani, Director of Exporter Services in Dubai Exports said: "The Open Food Platform will help the food trade grow rapidly in the near to longer term. By bringing all stakeholders together it will address obstacles faced by the trade, not only in Dubai or the UAE but also regionally and internationally.

"We invite all food and beverage businesses and regulators to come together on the Open Food Platform and enrich it as a source of accurate information as well as strategic pointer to the supply and demand picture and diverse export opportunities.”

His Excellency Saleh Abdullah Lootah, Chairman of FBMG, said: “FBMG is committed to driving development and improvement in our industry, as an ally for the government and with the best interests of our country and community in mind. The Open Food Platform combines insight and innovation to align with the vision of the leadership to drive growth by implementing the latest technologies, and to ensure both sustainability and security for Dubai’s food value chain.”

“Through the Open Food Platform, we will foster collaboration within the ecosystem, creating synergies that will unlock efficient processes to add value throughout the chain. With the alignment of the public and private sectors through this platform, we will create a seamless system that applies digitalised solutions to safeguard the needs of tomorrow’s community,” Lootah concluded.

On its 23rd edition, Gulfood 2018 brings together a series of activities to help the global F&B community make informed business decisions. Key themes throughout the event include discovering new products and suppliers, unveiling new business opportunities, finding solutions to new and evolving global challenges, and staying up to date with the latest trends in consumer behaviour.

Established under the auspices of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business Group (FBMG) seeks to create a platform for F&B manufacturers to resolve industry-related challenges and take the sector in the UAE to greater heights. Membership is open to any business operating in the food & beverage-manufacturing sector in the country.

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